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The Study of Bilingual Language Processing


Nan Jiang

30 March 2023

This book offers a detailed account of the issues, models, and outcomes of research into the cognition of bilingualism. It begins with a chapter identifying the most important characteristics of this research, and then explores key topics including lexico-semantic representation, cross-language priming, selective lexical access, and code-switching.

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Language and the Brain: A Slim Guide to Neurolinguistics


Jonathan R. Brennan

12 May 2022

This book introduces readers to the state-of-the-art neuroscientific research that is revolutionizing our understanding of language. Written in an accessible, conversational style, it focuses on specific aspects of how the brain allows us to use language while also exploring broader themes.

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Gradient Acceptability and Linguistic Theory


Elaine J. Francis

15 December 2021

Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology

This volume examines the interpretation of gradient judgments of sentence acceptability in relation to theories of grammatical knowledge. It uses experimental and corpus-based research, along with a range of case studies, to argue for a new approach to this crucial problem.

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The Texture of the Lexicon: Relational Morphology and the Parallel Architecture


Ray Jackendoff, Jenny Audring

28 October 2021

This volume offers a major reconceptualization of linguistic theory through the lens of morphology, crucially collapsing the distinction between the lexicon and the grammar. This approach accounts for both productive and non-productive morphological phenomena, and moreover integrates linguistic theory into psycholinguistics and human cognition.

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