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Grammar & Syntax




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Coordination and the Syntax – Discourse Interface


Daniel Altshuler, Robert Truswell

June 2022

Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology

This survey explores interactions between syntax and discourse, through a case study of patterns of extraction from coordinate structures. It offers a starting point for further research on extraction from coordinate structures and provides a guide to how to tease out the theoretical implications of empirical findings.

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The Derivational Timing of Ellipsis


Güliz Güneş, Anikó Lipták

March 2022

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

This volume explores the nature of ellipsis, the core phenomenon that results in various types of omission in sentences. The chapters adopt the popular 'silent structure' accounts of ellipsis, and investigate the question of when linguistic material becomes silenced during the derivation and realization of syntactic structure.

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Gradient Acceptability and Linguistic Theory


Elaine J. Francis

December 2021

Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology

This volume examines the interpretation of gradient judgments of sentence acceptability in relation to theories of grammatical knowledge. It uses experimental and corpus-based research, along with a range of case studies, to argue for a new approach to this crucial problem.

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Diachronic Syntax

Second Edition


Ian Roberts

November 2021

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

This second edition of Diachronic Syntax has been fully revised and updated throughout to cover the multiple developments in the area in the last decade. Written by one of the leading scholars in the field and including a glossary and suggestions for further reading, it will be an ideal textbook for undergraduate students of historical linguistics.

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English Prepositions: Their Meanings and Uses


R. M. W. Dixon

November 2021

This book provides an integrated account of the main prepositions of English, outlining their various forms and illustrating contrastive senses. It is written in a clear and accessible style, and will be of interest to to students and scholars of the English language, including instructors of English as a second language.

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Majority Quantification and Quantity Superlatives: A Crosslinguistic Analysis of Most


Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Ion Giurgea

March 2021

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

This book investigates the syntax and semantics of proportional most and other majority quantifiers across a wide range of languages. The findings have implications for the study of a variety of crucial issues in linguistic theory, including number marking, partitivity, kind reference, and (in)definiteness marking.

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Heiko Narrog, Bernd Heine

March 2021

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

This textbook introduces and explains the fundamental issues, major research questions, and current approaches in the study of grammaticalization. Each chapter offers guidance on further reading, and concludes with study questions to encourage further discussion; there is also a glossary of key terminology in the field.

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Unbounded Dependency Constructions: Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives


Rui P. Chaves, Michael T. Putnam

December 2020

Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology

This book examines the nature, creation, and comprehension of constructions in which words that go together in meaning occur arbitrarily far away from each other. It provides a detailed survey of the factors responsible for their creation and comprehension, alongside new experimental evidence and suggestions for future research.

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Nominalization: 50 Years on from Chomsky's Remarks


Artemis Alexiadou, Hagit Borer

November 2020

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

This volume explores the progress of cross-linguistic research into the structure of complex nominals since the publication of Chomsky's 'Remarks on Nominalization' in 1970. The contributors take stock of developments in this area and offer new perspectives based on data from a wide range of typologically diverse languages.

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Gender and Noun Classification


Éric Mathieu, Myriam Dali, Gita Zareikar

November 2018

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

This volume explores the many ways by which natural languages categorize nouns into genders or classes. The findings in the volume have significant implications for syntactic theory and theories of interpretation, and contribute to a greater understanding of the interplay between inflection and derivation.

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The Lexical Semantics of the Arabic Verb


Peter John Glanville

May 2018

This book explores Arabic derivational morphology, focusing on the relationship between verb meaning and linguistic forms from a lexical semantic perspective. It explains why verbs with seemingly unrelated meanings share the same phonological shape, and analyses sets of words containing the same consonantal root to arrive at a common abstraction.

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Linguistic Typology


Jae Jung Song

January 2018

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

This textbook provides a critical introduction to major research topics and current approaches in linguistic typology. It draws on a wide range of cross-linguistic data to describe what linguistic typology has revealed about language in general and about the rich variety of ways in which meaning and expression are achieved in the world's languages.

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A Functional Discourse Grammar for English


Evelien Keizer

January 2015

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

This is the first textbook on Functional Discourse Grammar, a recently developed theory of language structure which analyses utterances at the pragmatic, semantic, morphosyntactic and phonological level. It focuses principally on English and provides extensive exercises for students to use and evaluate the theory.

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The Grammar of Words: An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology

Third Edition


Geert Booij

September 2012

Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics

Geert Booij's popular textbook has been revised and updated. It covers every aspect of morphological theory and the analysis of words, examines the relation between morphology and other modules of grammar, and is the only introductory text to explore the role of morphology in language processing and change.

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Core Syntax: A Minimalist Approach


David Adger

March 2003

Oxford Core Linguistics

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