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Grammar & Syntax




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Coordination and the Syntax – Discourse Interface


Daniel Altshuler, Robert Truswell

June 2022

Oxford Surveys in Syntax & Morphology

This survey explores interactions between syntax and discourse, through a case study of patterns of extraction from coordinate structures. It offers a starting point for further research on extraction from coordinate structures and provides a guide to how to tease out the theoretical implications of empirical findings.

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The Derivational Timing of Ellipsis


Güliz Güneş, Anikó Lipták

March 2022

Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics

This volume explores the nature of ellipsis, the core phenomenon that results in various types of omission in sentences. The chapters adopt the popular 'silent structure' accounts of ellipsis, and investigate the question of when linguistic material becomes silenced during the derivation and realization of syntactic structure.

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