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Whole site This discipline's products

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Linguistics from Oxford provides an indispensable array of textbooks, written by leading experts in their field. Our popular Oxford Textbooks in Linguistics series aims to meet the needs of students at every level of study, by publishing readable and up-to-date introductions to the fields and subfields of the discipline. The series includes classics such as J.C. Catford's A Practical Introduction to Phonetics as well as new publications such as Pauline Jacobson's Compositional Semantics and Yan Huang's second edition of Pragmatics.

Most of our textbooks published in linguistics connect in some way to work in fields such as psychology, human biology, philosophy, cognitive science, lexicography, and so on. We therefore ask our authors to do their best to make their work as accessible as possible to students coming to linguistics from related fields. Whether you are looking for a core textbook for your course or thoughtful supplementary reading that is accessible and reasonably-priced, we are certain OUP Linguistics can meet your needs.