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Inspiring and lively resources to develop critical-thinking criminologists

Discover an impressive range of inspiring textbooks and resources designed for criminology courses of all types.
Encourage students to think like criminologists through titles covering key theories, current concerns, invaluable practical skills, and more.

All our titles are available in print and digital formats. The Law Trove Criminology and Criminal Justice 2022 is available for students and institutions to buy for £49.99.

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The Oxford Textbook on Criminology

Second Edition


Steve Case, Phil Johnson, David Manlow, Roger Smith, Kate Williams

30 June 2021

This is no ordinary textbook: it converts curiosity into critical analysis, and criminology students into criminologists. Providing authoritative yet vibrant coverage, this is the perfect partner in crime.

Cover for 9780199675142

Sanders & Young's Criminal Justice

Fifth Edition


Lucy Welsh, Layla Skinns, Andrew Sanders

22 June 2021

Examines the principles and theories behind the criminal justice system and tackles the controversial issues that surround it

Cover for 9780198860891


Seventh Edition


Stephen Jones

16 April 2021

Coverage of all the main criminological theories, their history and development in this succinct and engaging introduction

Cover for 9780198799818

Criminology Skills

Third Edition


Emily Finch, Stefan Fafinski

30 August 2019

A criminology student's essential skills toolkit from day one right through to final year project.

Cover for 9780198818403

The Criminal Process

Fifth Edition


Liz Campbell, Andrew Ashworth, Mike Redmayne

25 June 2019

An authoritative and highly stimulating treatment of the key issues in criminal process and procedure.

Cover for 9780198769255

The Politics of the Police

Fifth Edition


Benjamin Bowling, Robert Reiner, James W E Sheptycki

04 June 2019

A fascinating critique of policing from a team of leading policing scholars.

Cover for 9780199643257

Criminology: A Very Short Introduction


Tim Newburn

26 April 2018

Very Short Introductions

From murder to theft to drug gangs, crime and criminal justice affect the lives of millions of people worldwide. Tim Newburn considers how we can study trends in crime, and use them to inform preventative policy and criminal justice. Analysing the history of crime, he discusses the role of criminology in crime control and politics.

Cover for 9780198795544

Organized Crime: A Very Short Introduction


Georgios A Antonopoulos, Georgios Papanicolaou

22 February 2018

Very Short Introductions

This book uncovers the reality of organised crime, considering what is meant by the term 'organised', and discussing the different forms of activities organised crime engages in, from human trafficking to extortion. Offering a global perspective, from the Mafia to the Yakuza, it considers efforts to combat organised crime today.

Cover for 9780198788737

Murphy on Evidence

Fifteenth Edition


Richard Glover

25 May 2017

The only evidence textbook to use detailed case studies with supporting online documentation to set the law fully into its practical context.

Cover for 9780198719441

The Oxford Handbook of Criminology

Sixth Edition


Alison Liebling, Shadd Maruna, Lesley McAra

18 May 2017

With contributions from leading authorities, this is the definitive guide to current criminological theory, research, and policy.

Cover for 9780198744825

Sentencing and Punishment: The Quest for Justice

Fourth Edition


Susan Easton, Christine Piper

26 May 2016

The only book in this area to offer balanced coverage combined with supportive features to encourage students to engage with key theories and debates.

Cover for 9780198747345

Understanding Deviance: A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking

Seventh Edition


David Downes, Paul Rock, Eugene McLaughlin

24 March 2016

The most authoritative, critical and insightful account; this discipline's leading experts challenge readers to question assumptions.

Cover for 9780199694969

Criminal Justice

Second Edition


Anthea Hucklesby, Azrini Wahidin

25 July 2013

Critical introduction to the UK's criminal justice system from a broad team of contributors

Cover for 9780199691296


Third Edition


Chris Hale, Keith Hayward, Azrini Wahidin, Emma Wincup

13 June 2013

Broad-ranging and stimulating edited collection for first year students

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