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Criminal Law

Market-leading criminal law titles with cutting-edge approaches

Oxford's undergraduate criminal law list boasts well-established titles, market-leading textbooks, and titles in the Smith, Hogan and Ormerod family. Textbooks on our criminal law list are regularly updated and offer approaches for every course.

All our titles are available in print and digital formats. The Law Trove Criminal Law 2021 collection will be available from 1 September 2021 for students and institutions to buy for £44.99

All the criminal law titles below are available for teachers to order on inspection. Contact your campus representative to help you navigate the range of books and resources.

We regularly contact academics with information on new editions, updates and publishing developments. Check your preferences to ensure you are correctly signed-up to receive our emails. If you are interested in being involved in reviewing and developing criminal law titles please contact Liana Green.

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Cover for 9780198849704

Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod's Criminal Law

Sixteenth Edition


David Ormerod CBE, QC (Hon), Karl Laird

July 2021

The most authoritative and respected criminal law textbook from the leading minds in the field.

Cover for 9780199675142

Sanders & Young's Criminal Justice

Fifth Edition


Lucy Welsh, Layla Skinns, Andrew Sanders

June 2021

Examines the principles and theories behind the criminal justice system and tackles the controversial issues that surround it

Cover for 9780198869931

Criminal Law

Sixteenth Edition


Michael Allen, Ian Edwards

April 2021

Balanced perfectly to give students thought-provoking contextual discussion with succinct and focused coverage

Cover for 9780198869962

Smith, Hogan, and Ormerod's Essentials of Criminal Law

Fourth Edition


John Child, David Ormerod

March 2021

Your gateway to criminal law: drawing on the exceptional clarity and authority of Smith and Hogan, with a wealth of unique supportive learning features and guidance on assessment

Cover for 9780198831945

Smith, Hogan, & Ormerod's Text, Cases, & Materials on Criminal Law

Thirteenth Edition


David Ormerod, Karl Laird

July 2020

Expertly guides the student reader through the criminal law, presenting and explaining invaluable extracts from key judgments, statutes, reports, and academic articles.

Cover for 9780198848462

Complete Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials

Seventh Edition


Janet Loveless, Mischa Allen, Caroline Derry

May 2020


Concepts, cases, and commentary combine to stimulate active learning, critical thinking, and perceptive analysis.

Cover for 9780198848479

Criminal Law: Text, Cases, and Materials

Ninth Edition


Jonathan Herring

May 2020

Text, Cases, and Materials

Jonathan Herrings unique approach of separating out the doctrinal and theoretical aspects of the law makes this book enduringly popular

Cover for 9780198848783

Criminal Law Directions

Sixth Edition


Nicola Monaghan

February 2020


This is the most student-friendly guide to the subject; empowering students to evaluate the law, understand its practical application, and approach assessments with confidence.

Cover for 9780198818403

The Criminal Process

Fifth Edition


Liz Campbell, Andrew Ashworth, Mike Redmayne

June 2019

An authoritative and highly stimulating treatment of the key issues in criminal process and procedure.

Cover for 9780198777663

Ashworth's Principles of Criminal Law

Ninth Edition


Jeremy Horder

May 2019

The leading analytical criminal law textbook, offering an in-depth look at the law, its formation, and function.

Cover for 9780198778318

Criminal Law

Tenth Edition


Nicola Padfield

July 2016

Core Texts Series

A concise and authoritative account of criminal law, which encourages students towards further study and a wider understanding of the subject.

Cover for 9780198753094

Card, Cross & Jones Criminal Law

Twenty-second Edition


Richard Card, Jill Molloy

June 2016

With over 65 years of history in the field,Card, Cross, & Jones is a trusted source of rigorous and dependable legal description and commentary

Cover for 9780199657209

Criminal Law

Fourth Edition


Claire de Than, Russell Heaton

May 2013

A comprehensible evaluation of the subject written in an engaging manner and illustrated with running examples showing how the law works in practice. Learning features throughout the chapters and additional materials on the Online Resource Centre, including the Hot 100 Cases database, help to structure study and revision.

Cover for 9780199541980

Cases and Materials on Criminal Law

Sixth Edition


Janet Dine, James Gobert, William Wilson

September 2010

An array of carefully selected case report and academic article extracts combined with author commentary to provide a thorough and engaging assessment of criminal law provisions.

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