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The Society of Prisoners: Anglo-French Wars and Incarceration in the Eighteenth Century


Renaud Morieux

July 2022

The Past and Present Book Series

Very little has been written of the history of prisoners of war before the twentieth century, and Renaud Morieux seeks to correct this in this new history of war captivity in the eighteenth century, mining archives in Britain and France to take a fresh look at international relations through the histories of prisoners and host communities.

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Flowers Through Concrete: Explorations in Soviet Hippieland


Juliane F├╝rst

June 2022

In the face of disapproval and repression Soviet hippies created a version of Western counterculture, skilfully adapting to, manipulating, and shaping their late socialist environment. Flowers through Concrete explores their lives, thoughts, and political sway.

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Dignified Retreat: Writers and Intellectuals in the Age of Richelieu


Robert A. Schneider

April 2022

A panoramic study of the vibrant literary and intellectual culture that emerged in seventeenth-century France, drawing on the writings of over 100 men and women of letters, 'the generation of 1630', to understand the rise and refinement of the French language and the development of the literary culture of French classicism.

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The Jacquerie of 1358: A French Peasants' Revolt


Justine Firnhaber-Baker

March 2022

The Jacquerie of 1358 is one of the most famous and mysterious peasant uprisings of the Middle Ages. This book, the first extended study of the Jacquerie in over a century, resolves long-standing controversies about whether the revolt was just an irrational explosion of peasant hatred or simply an extension of the Parisian revolt.

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Married Life in the Middle Ages, 900-1300


Elisabeth van Houts

March 2022

Oxford Studies in Medieval European History

An analysis of the lived experience of Christian married life in Christian medieval Europe, this study examines the process of getting married and wedding celebrations; the married life of lay couples and clergy, their sexuality, and any remarriage; and alternative living, including concubinage, polygyny, and the single life.

Cover for 9780192863744

Making Murder Public: Homicide in Early Modern England, 1480-1680


K. J. Kesselring

February 2022

Making Murder Public explores the emergence, in the sixteenth century, of a formal distinction between murder and manslaughter and the significant reduction in the rates of homicides individuals perpetrated on each other.

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Boom Cities: Architect Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain


Otto Saumarez Smith

September 2020

In this volume, Otto Saumarez Smith recounts the fraught history of the urban development of British city centres in the 1960s, uncovering the planning philosophy, and the political, cultural, and legislative background that created the conditions for these transformations to occur across the country.

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The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921


Mark D. Steinberg

December 2016

Oxford Histories

A new history of the Russian Revolution, exploring how people experienced it in their own lives, from Bloody Sunday in 1905 to the final shots of the civil war in 1921. The Russian Revolution, 1905-1921 focuses on human experience to address key issues of inequality, power, and violence, and ideas of justice and freedom.

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