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The Mexican Revolution: A Very Short Introduction


Alan Knight

28 January 2016

Very Short Introductions

The Mexican Revolution was a 'great' revolution, decisive for Mexico, important within Latin America, and comparable to the other major revolutions of modern history. Alan Knight offers a succinct account of the period, from the initial uprising against Porfirio Díaz and the ensuing decade of civil war, to the enduring legacy of the Revolution.

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The American Revolution: A Very Short Introduction


Robert J. Allison

23 July 2015

Very Short Introductions

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The History of the Rebellion: A new selection


Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, Paul Seaward, Paul Seaward

12 February 2009

Oxford World's Classics

Clarendon's History chonicles the English Civil War from the perspective of someone intimately involved in the events he describes. This classic work is admired for its literary quality as well as its historical value; this new selection also contains passages from The Life, Clarendon's autobiography, to produce a vivid narrative history.

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