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History of Science




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On the Edge of Eternity: The Antiquity of the Earth in Medieval and Early Modern Europe


Ivano Dal Prete

October 2022

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The Spirit of Inquiry: How one extraordinary society shaped modern science


Susannah Gibson

February 2019

Despite its modest size the Cambridge Philosophical Society has played a monumental role in the history of science. To mark the bicentenary of its founding in 1819, Susannah Gibson gives a vivid account of the illustrious (and sometimes eccentric) members of the society, their breakthrough discoveries, and the forging of modern science.

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The Ascent of John Tyndall: Victorian Scientist, Mountaineer, and Public Intellectual


Roland Jackson

March 2018

John Tyndall was a leading scientific figure in Victorian Britain, who established the physical basis of the greenhouse effect, and why the sky is blue. This rich biography describes the colourful life and achievements of this brilliant communicator, physicist, and mountaineer, who ascended from humble beginnings to the heart of Victorian society.

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