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Boom Cities: Architect Planners and the Politics of Radical Urban Renewal in 1960s Britain


Otto Saumarez Smith

September 2020

In this volume, Otto Saumarez Smith recounts the fraught history of the urban development of British city centres in the 1960s, uncovering the planning philosophy, and the political, cultural, and legislative background that created the conditions for these transformations to occur across the country.

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Art History: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Dana Arnold

January 2020

Very Short Introductions

Art history encompasses the study of the history and development of painting, sculpture and the other visual arts. Here, Dana Arnold introduces the issues, debates, and artefacts that make up the discipline. She explores how we write, present, read, and look at art, and the impact this has on our understanding of art history.

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Typography: A Very Short Introduction


Paul Luna

November 2018

Very Short Introductions

Typography encompasses design for reading, whether in print or on screens, where a set of visual choices to do with font, layout, and print size are taken to enhance a written message. Paul Luna explores the fascinating history of our letters, considering why typographic decisions are taken, and their impact on our own words.

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After Modern Art: 1945-2017

Second Edition


David Hopkins

June 2018

Oxford History of Art

A beautifully illustrated, new edition of this pioneering study of art since 1945. Focussing mainly on the relationship between American and European Art, this book offers an up-to-date introduction to the major artists and movements of recent years.

Cover for 9780198778790

Byzantine Art

Second Edition


Robin Cormack

March 2018

Oxford History of Art

A beautifully illustrated, new edition of the best single-volume guide to Byzantine art, providing an introduction to the whole period and range of styles.

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The Oxford Dictionary of Architecture

Third Edition


James Stevens Curl, Susan Wilson

January 2016

Oxford Quick Reference

With over 6,000 entries from Aalto to Zwinger, this is the most authoritative dictionary of architectural history available. Beautifully illustrated and extensively revised and expanded, it is an invaluable work of reference for students of architecture, landscape architecture, professional architects, and art historians.

Cover for 9780199682782

Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture: A Very Short Introduction


Christina Riggs

October 2014

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction Christina Riggs explores the visual arts produced in Egypt over a span of some 4,000 years. Describing the context and stories behind the objects that fill our museums and galleries, from sculpture and magical implements to whole buildings, Riggs explores the relationship between the ancient world and our own.

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The Art of Art History: A Critical Anthology

New Edition


Donald Preziosi

February 2009

Oxford History of Art

New edition of this key guide to art history, which takes a critical reading of the field's most innovative and influential texts over the past two centuries, including the most important new writing on the most recent work in a variety of new media.

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