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Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing



  • History
    • Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing


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Genocide: Key Themes


Donald Bloxham, A. Dirk Moses

April 2022

A collection of essays on the key themes of genocide, addressing imperial violence and military contexts for genocide, predicting, preventing, and prosecuting genocide, gender, ideology, the state, memory, transitional justice, and ecocide.

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The Ghetto: A Very Short Introduction


Bryan Cheyette

August 2020

Very Short Introductions

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Nazi Germany: A Very Short Introduction


Jane Caplan

July 2019

Very Short Introductions

Nazi Germany may have only lasted for 12 years, but it has left a legacy that still echoes with us today. This book discusses the emergence and appeal of the Nazi party, the relationship between consent and terror in securing the regime, the role played by Hitler himself, and the dark stains of war, persecution, and genocide left by Nazi Germany.

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Concentration Camps: A Very Short Introduction


Dan Stone

March 2019

Very Short Introductions

Nazi concentration camps are by no means the only examples of these 'extreme institutions'; Dan Stone sets out the fuller story, from the Boer War to Bosnia. He shows how different regimes have used concentration camps at times of crisis to control populations that appeared threatening, and examines their role in consciousness and identity.

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Concentration Camps: A Short History


Dan Stone

March 2017

Dan Stone presents a global history of concentration camps, and considers the importance of these institutions to modern consciousness and identity. Tracing camps from their origins in in early-twentieth century colonial warfare, he discusses their evolution throughout the last century, and the complex questions their use raises.

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