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Second World War




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Nazi Germany: A Very Short Introduction


Jane Caplan

July 2019

Very Short Introductions

Nazi Germany may have only lasted for 12 years, but it has left a legacy that still echoes with us today. This book discusses the emergence and appeal of the Nazi party, the relationship between consent and terror in securing the regime, the role played by Hitler himself, and the dark stains of war, persecution, and genocide left by Nazi Germany.

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Concentration Camps: A Short History


Dan Stone

March 2017

Dan Stone presents a global history of concentration camps, and considers the importance of these institutions to modern consciousness and identity. Tracing camps from their origins in in early-twentieth century colonial warfare, he discusses their evolution throughout the last century, and the complex questions their use raises.

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World War II: A Very Short Introduction


Gerhard L. Weinberg

November 2014

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction, the eminent scholar Gerhard L. Weinberg explores one of the most important events in history. Examining the origins, course, and impact of the World War II — through both the soldiers and the ordinary citizens who lived through it — he considers the long-lasting impact it continues to have around the world.

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Nazi Germany


Jane Caplan

April 2008

Oxford Short History of Germany

An authoritative and up-to-date history of Nazi Germany, with each chapter written by an internationally acknowledged expert in the field, covering everything from the ideological origins of Nazism, through the history of politics and society in the 'Third Reich', to the aftermath of National Socialism in postwar German history and memory.

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Roger Griffin

June 1995

Oxford Readers

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