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Cover for 9780197627242

Stealth: The Secret Contest to Invent Invisible Aircraft


Peter Westwick

21 November 2022

Cover for 9780192896230

Winston Churchill: A Life in the News


Richard Toye

25 November 2021

A books which traces Churchill's life in the news from cradle to grave, showing how tensions between tradition and novelty played into his constantly evolving media image.

Cover for 9780198804314

Aerial Warfare: A Very Short Introduction


Frank Ledwidge

26 March 2020

Very Short Introductions

Aerial warfare has dominated western war-making for over 100 years, and despite regular announcements of its demise, it shows no sign of becoming obsolete. Frank Ledwidge offers a sweeping global history of air warfare, introducing the major battles, crises, and controversies where air power has taken centre stage.

Cover for 9780198790709

Concentration Camps: A Short History


Dan Stone

02 March 2017

Dan Stone presents a global history of concentration camps, and considers the importance of these institutions to modern consciousness and identity. Tracing camps from their origins in in early-twentieth century colonial warfare, he discusses their evolution throughout the last century, and the complex questions their use raises.

Cover for 9780199590032

Terrorism: How to Respond


Richard English

08 July 2010

Drawing on a wide range of case studies, Richard English argues that we have as yet failed to understand terrorism properly, and that this is at the root of our disastrous failure to respond effectively to terrorism in the post-9/11 crisis.

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