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Early History - 500 CE to 1500



  • History
    • Early History - 500 CE to 1500


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Macbeth before Shakespeare


Benjamin Hudson

January 2023

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The Jacquerie of 1358: A French Peasants' Revolt


Justine Firnhaber-Baker

March 2022

The Jacquerie of 1358 is one of the most famous and mysterious peasant uprisings of the Middle Ages. This book, the first extended study of the Jacquerie in over a century, resolves long-standing controversies about whether the revolt was just an irrational explosion of peasant hatred or simply an extension of the Parisian revolt.

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Married Life in the Middle Ages, 900-1300


Elisabeth van Houts

March 2022

Oxford Studies in Medieval European History

An analysis of the lived experience of Christian married life in Christian medieval Europe, this study examines the process of getting married and wedding celebrations; the married life of lay couples and clergy, their sexuality, and any remarriage; and alternative living, including concubinage, polygyny, and the single life.

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The Later Middle Ages


Isabella Lazzarini

May 2021

Short Oxford History of Europe

This edited volume brings together experts on the later middle ages to chart the principle developments of medieval Europe.

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