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Cover for 9780198736998

Ancient Greek and Roman Science: A Very Short Introduction


Liba Taub

25 May 2023

Very Short Introductions

Liba Taub gives an overview of the major developments in early science between the 8th century BC and 6th century AD. Focussing on Greece and Rome, she discusses the key thinkers and their theories, and traces the evolution of ideas concerning the natural world and its operation, and considers the influence these ideas have had on later centuries.

Cover for 9780192865397

Archaeology of Jesus' Nazareth


Ken Dark

09 February 2023

The first book to discuss the arcaheology of first-century Nazareth - Jesus' hometown in Galilee - written for the general reader. This is the latest consideration of whether the 'House of Jesus' really was Jesus' family home.

Cover for 9780199664740

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities: A Natural History


Greg Woolf

25 August 2022

The story of ancient cities from the end of the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Middle Ages: a tale of war and politics, pestilence and famine, triumph and tragedy, by turns both fabulous and squalid.

Cover for 9780198724407

The Oxford Illustrated History of the Holy Land


Robert G. Hoyland, H. G. M. Williamson

08 August 2022

Oxford Illustrated History

The story of the Holy Land, encompassing the three millennia that saw the birth of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each chapter is written by a leading scholar and is highly illustrated with paintings, photographs, and ancient texts.

Cover for 9780198787600

The Spartans: A Very Short Introduction


Andrew J. Bayliss

26 May 2022

Very Short Introductions

Famous throughout history for their doomed stand at Thermopylae, and immortalised by contemporary Athenian writers who viewed them as the exotic other, the Spartans, and their brutality and bravery, both fascinate and appal us. Andrew Bayliss reveals the best and the worst of this harsh society, separating myth from reality.

Cover for 9780198754114

Thermopylae: Great Battles


Chris Carey

24 March 2022

Great Battles

The story of Thermopylae, the famous last stand of the Greco-Persian Wars: how it was fought, how it has been remembered, and what it has come to mean.

Cover for 9780192895172

Rome: An Empire's Story


Greg Woolf

27 January 2022

The story of the Roman empire, from the beginnings to the crisis of the Middle Ages: why it was so large, why it was so durable, and why it was different from any other empire before or since.

Cover for 9780192858252

Personifying Prehistory: Relational Ontologies in Bronze Age Britain and Ireland


Joanna Brück

30 September 2021

This book draws on the wealth of new evidence for Bronze Age burials, settlements, and landscapes to explore the construction of social relationships and community identities during this period.

Cover for 9780198845461

Ancient Egypt: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Ian Shaw

28 January 2021

Very Short Introductions

The ancient Egyptians are an enduring source of fascination, from mummies and pyramids, to curses and rituals. In this second edition of his Very Short Introduction, Ian Shaw explores the history and culture of pharaonic Egypt, and examines the latest research on Ancient Egyptian ideas of death, kingship, religion, race, sex, and gender.

Cover for 9780198853121

Creators, Conquerors, and Citizens: A History of Ancient Greece


Robin Waterfield

09 July 2020

A fascinating, accessible, and up-to-date history of the Ancient Greeks. Covering the Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic periods, and centred around the disunity of the Greeks, their underlying cultural unity, and their eventual political unification.

Cover for 9780198803515

Prehistory: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Chris Gosden

28 June 2018

Very Short Introductions

Recent archaeological discoveries from China and central Asia have changed our understanding of how human civilization developed in the period of some 4 million years before the start of written history. In this new edition of his Very Short Introduction, Chris Gosden explores the current theories on the ebb and flow of human cultural variety.

Cover for 9780198778790

Byzantine Art

Second Edition


Robin Cormack

08 March 2018

Oxford History of Art

A beautifully illustrated, new edition of the best single-volume guide to Byzantine art, providing an introduction to the whole period and range of styles.

Cover for 9780198726470

Babylonia: A Very Short Introduction


Trevor Bryce

22 September 2016

Very Short Introductions

The history of Ancient Babylonia in ancient Mesopatamia is epic. Trevor Bryce offers an exploration of the rich world of Babylonia, providing insight into the intricacies of this ancient civilization and its important social, historical, and cultural legacies.

Cover for 9780199664337

Hellenistic Lives: including Alexander the Great


Plutarch, Robin Waterfield, Andrew Erskine

14 January 2016

Oxford World's Classics

These ten Lives trace the history of Hellenistic Greece from the rise of Macedon and Alexander's conquest of the Persian empire to the arrival of the Romans. Plutarch's biographies of eminent politicians, rulers, and soldiers combine vivid portraits with a wealth of historical information.

Cover for 9780198712169

Roman Britain: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Peter Salway

28 May 2015

Very Short Introductions

For centuries Britain was an integral part of the Roman Empire. In this Very Short Introduction, Peter Salway weaves together the latest archaeological investigations and historical scholarship to chart life in Roman Britain from the first Roman invasion under Julius Caesar to the final collapse of the Roman Empire in the West around AD 500.

Cover for 9780198715900

Ancient Assyria: A Very Short Introduction


Karen Radner

26 March 2015

Very Short Introductions

From city state to empire, in the early 2nd millennium BC to the end of the 7th century BC, Assyria was one of the most influential kingdoms of the Ancient Near East. Using archaeological discoveries from across the Middle East, Karen Radner demonstrates the vast, socially diverse, multicultural nature of Ancient Assyria and the Assyrian Empire.

Cover for 9780199547913

The Etruscans: A Very Short Introduction


Christopher Smith

29 May 2014

Very Short Introductions

The Etruscans (c. 900 - 400 BC) were a highly sophisticated and wealthy elite. Christopher Smith explores their archaeological record and the myths that remain about their existence. Placing the Etruscans within the context of the historical period and geographical location, he looks at how they have been perceived and received throughout history.

Cover for 9780199593774

Selected Speeches


Demosthenes, Robin Waterfield, Chris Carey

08 May 2014

Oxford World's Classics

Demosthenes was one of the greatest of the classic Athenian orators. He wrote for the courts in public and private cases and in major political trials and is a major source for the history of Athens' struggle against Macedon. This is the widest selection of his speeches in a single volume.

Cover for 9780195377996

The Ancient Near East: A Very Short Introduction


Amanda H. Podany

26 December 2013

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780199587247

Alexander the Great: The Anabasis and the Indica


Arrian, Martin Hammond, John Atkinson

14 February 2013

Oxford World's Classics

Arrian's account of Alexander's life and campaigns, published as the Anabasis and its companion piece the Indica, is our prime source for the history of Alexander, told with great narrative skill. This edition features a new translation of both texts, introduction, notes, guide to military systems and terminology, maps and a full index.

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