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Cover for 9780198854494

A Primer on Stable Isotopes in Ecology


Francesca Cotrufo, Yamina Pressler

15 August 2023

The book is a concise and foundational reading for anyone interested in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge for the application of stable isotopes in ecology.

Cover for 9780198819288

The Arctic: A Very Short Introduction


Klaus Dodds, Jamie Woodward

25 November 2021

Very Short Introductions

The Arctic is a complex space. This book considers the competing elements surrounding the region, from geopolitical claims on its rich resources to environmental concerns over the effects of climate change and shrinking sea ice. It examines the impact of ongoing cultural, physical, and economic changes, and considers the future of the Arctic.

Cover for 9780192843876

Principles of Rock Deformation and Tectonics


Jean-Luc Bouchez, Adolphe Nicolas

31 August 2021

The book is an up-to-date and augmented version that keeps the concise and rigorous writing of its inspiring French language predecessors. It is based on laboratory and field experience of both authors, with a focus towards hard rocks and magmatic rocks from both the continental crust worldwide and the mantle, principally from the Oman ophiolites.

Cover for 9780199582204

Volcanoes: A Very Short Introduction


Michael J Branney, Jan Zalasiewicz

26 November 2020

Very Short Introductions

Throughout our planet's history volcanoes have played a large role in shaping landscapes, the climate, and biological evolution. This book explains the fundamental mechanisms of volcanism, considering why volcanoes are essential for life on Earth, and how they interact with the Earth's other physical processes, and with human society.

Cover for 9780198830030

Fire: A Very Short Introduction


Andrew C. Scott

25 June 2020

Very Short Introductions

Fire has shaped the Earth's landscape and vegetation for the past 400 million years. This book explores the history of wildfire, and how humans have sought to use and manage it. The need to understand fire has never been greater, as human settlements encroach on flammable landscapes and wildfires increase with climate change.

Cover for 9780198826637

Tides: A Very Short Introduction


David George Bowers, Emyr Martyn Roberts

28 November 2019

Very Short Introductions

The tide is important to Earth's climate, the biological productivity of our seas, and our hunt for renewable energy sources. It is also thought to have played a role in the evolution of life on Earth. This book explains the nature and cause of the tide, its observation and prediction, unusual tides, and their relevance to us.

Cover for 9780198745853

Glaciation: A Very Short Introduction


David J. A. Evans

25 October 2018

Very Short Introductions

David Evans introduces glaciers and ice sheets as systems, discussing the processes that shape them, and their impacts on our planet in terms of erosional and depositional processes. He explains how we can use this knowledge in reconstructing glaciers and ice sheets of the past, and discusses the impacts on glaciers of climate change.

Cover for 9780198804451

Geology: A Very Short Introduction


Jan Zalasiewicz

26 July 2018

Very Short Introductions

Jan Zalasiewicz introduces the field of geology, its fundamental role in understanding the Earth and other planets, and its economic importance in the finding and exploitation of resources. He explains how geologists work today, and describes major discoveries such as plate tectonics, and the field's exciting frontiers such as the geology of Mars.

Cover for 9780198792956

Geophysics: A Very Short Introduction


William Lowrie

22 March 2018

Very Short Introductions

Geophysics is the physics of the Earth. It encompasses seismology, volcanism, plate tectonics, gravitational anomalies, and changes in the Earth's magnetic field (present and past). William Lowrie describes how all these give clues to the structure and working of the planet.

Cover for 9780198734840

Burning Planet: The Story of Fire Through Time


Andrew C. Scott

22 March 2018

Andrew Scott, who played a key role in identifying fossilized charcoal, describes the profound impact of fire through Earth history, from its role in mass extinctions and the spread of flowering plants, to early hominid use of fire, and the role of wildfires on landscapes today.

Cover for 9780198766735

Lakes: A Very Short Introduction


Warwick F. Vincent

25 January 2018

Very Short Introductions

Ranging from vast inland seas to hydro-reservoirs, lakes are unique, complex, ecosystems. Warwick Vincent introduces lake science, or limnology, and the importance of protecting and sustaining these vitally important living resources. He explains the impact of factors such as climate, seasons, salinity, and sedimentation on lake biodiversity.

Cover for 9780198798514

Colliding Continents: A geological exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram, and Tibet


Mike Searle

26 October 2017

Gargantuan geological forces created the spectacular mountain ranges of the Himalaya and Karakoram. Mike Searle, one of the world's most experienced field geologists, tells the scientific story, illustrating it with his own photographs, and accounts of his mountaineering and research in the region.

Cover for 9780199655076

Oceans: A Very Short Introduction


Dorrik Stow

27 July 2017

Very Short Introductions

Our oceans are hugely important, as a source of food and mineral wealth, as an environment for a vast variety of wildlife, for the role they play in climate regulation, and as part of the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements critical to life. Dorrik Stow explores what we know about how oceans originate and are maintained.

Cover for 9780198722038

The Atmosphere: A Very Short Introduction


Paul I. Palmer

23 March 2017

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short introduction Paul Palmer looks at the structure and basic physics and chemistry of the Earth's atmosphere, comparing it to the atmospheres of other planets, particularly our neighbours, Venus and Mars. Palmer looks at the effects of pollutants and climate change, and what may happen to our atmosphere in the future.

Cover for 9780199571314

Weather: A Very Short Introduction


Storm Dunlop

26 January 2017

Very Short Introductions

The weather affects everyone on Earth, influencing both our day-to-day decisions and long term plans for leisure and work. But the Earth's weather systems are extremely complex, and conditions and events may have an effect 'half a world away'. Storm Dunlop explores the processes at work behind our daily weather.

Cover for 9780198784616

A Short History of Gardens


Gordon Campbell

10 November 2016

A Short History of Gardens embraces the beauty and practicality of gardens, in history and culture across the world. Gordon Campbell also look at variations on the modern garden, including the suburban garden, the city garden, the guerrilla garden, and the vegetable garden, and considers the future of gardens.

Cover for 9780198717225

Savannas: A Very Short Introduction


Peter A. Furley

23 June 2016

Very Short Introductions

Due to pressures on land for development, savannas are at the forefront of research and conservation concerns. Here, Peter A. Furley describes the range of ecosystems encompassed in the savanna landscape; their rich wildlife; their impact on humans and their evolution; and the approaches to their conservation and management.

Cover for 9780199695881

Mountains: A Very Short Introduction


Martin Price

24 September 2015

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction, Martin Price addresses the role of mountains in global ecosystems and within human culture. Considering the global effects of melting glaciers, and the conservation of mountain regions and peoples, he discusses the future of mountainous regions and the implications for all of us.

Cover for 9780198706175

Forests: A Very Short Introduction


Jaboury Ghazoul

28 May 2015

Very Short Introductions

Forests have been entwined with human development and cultural history for centuries. In this Very Short Introduction Jaboury Ghazoul explores their origins, dynamics, and the range of goods and services they provide to human society, as well as looking at issues of deforestation, reforestation, and the effects of climate change.

Cover for 9780198742845

Principles of Geographical Information Systems

Third Edition


The late Professor Peter A. Burrough, Rachael A. McDonnell, Christopher D. Lloyd

23 April 2015

Principles of Geographical Information Systems provides a thorough, broad-ranging account of the theory and practice of GIS. It explains why spatial data and the information systems based on them are so important in the modern world for solving a range of practical problems.

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