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Cover for 9780192866080

Introduction to Mechanics of Solid Materials


Lallit Anand, Ken Kamrin, Sanjay Govindjee

13 December 2022

Aimed at beginner to mid-level undergraduate students across the many branches of engineering, this textbook aims to provide a unified presentation of the major concepts in Solid Mechanics, including the deformation, flow, and fracture of solid materials.

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Concepts of Materials Science


Adrian P. Sutton

01 July 2021

This book provides an expert perspective and a unique insight into the essence of the science of materials, introducing the reader to ten fundamental concepts underpinning the subject. It is suitable for undergraduate and pre-university students of physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Cover for 9780198830269

Principles of Materials Characterization and Metrology


Kannan M. Krishnan

07 May 2021

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of materials characterization and metrology. Based on several decades of teaching experience, it includes many worked examples, questions and exercises, suitable for students at the undergraduate or beginning graduate level.

Cover for 9780198862048

Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials


Kannan M. Krishnan

07 May 2020

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of magnetism, magnetic materials and related applications. It covers the physics of magnetism, magnetic phenomena in materials, size and dimensionality effects and applications including information storage, spin electronics, and biomedicine.

Cover for 9780198822387

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics


Peter Mann

05 June 2018

The book introduces classical mechanics. It does so in an informal style with numerous fresh, modern and inter-disciplinary applications assuming no prior knowledge of the necessary mathematics. The book provides a comprehensive and self-contained treatment of the subject matter up to the forefront of research in multiple areas.

Cover for 9780198719885

Introduction to Engineering Fluid Mechanics


Marcel Escudier

09 November 2017

Fluid mechanics concerns the way fluids flow in response to imposed stresses. This textbook includes numerous examples of practical applications of the theoretical ideas, such as calculations of the thrust of a jet engine, the power output of a gas turbine and forces created by liquid flow through a pipe bend or junction.

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