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Cover for 9780190686864

Modern Digital and Analog Communication

Fifth Edition


BP Lathi, Zhi Ding

09 June 2022

Cover for 9780198856849

Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices


Debdeep Jena

26 May 2022

Aimed at upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering, this textbook covers the quantum physics of semiconductors, including their practical applications in various areas and their future potential.

Cover for 9780198845386

Robots: What Everyone Needs to Know®


Phil Husbands

28 October 2021

What Everyone Needs To Know®

Phil Husbands introduces the field of robotics, where it has come from, and where it might go in the future. Explaining the technology underlying robots and their capabilities today, he also considers both the ethical problems of robots with increasing intelligence, and the wider socio-political challenges they create.

Cover for 9780198860792

Discrete Communication Systems


Stevan Berber

19 July 2021

Oxford Graduate Texts

This is the first textbook which presents the theory of pure discrete communication systems and its relation to the existing theory of digital communication. It is written for undergraduate and graduate students, and for practicing engineers.

Cover for 9780192895073

Introduction to Quantum Nanotechnology: A Problem Focused Approach


Duncan G. Steel

30 April 2021

This book serves as introduction to quantum theory with emphasis on dynamical behaviour and applications of quantum mechanics, with minimal discussion of formalism. The goal is to help engineering and physics students begin to learn the tools for a quantum toolbox they will need to work in this area.

Cover for 9780198834229

Optical Networks


Debasish Datta

26 March 2021

Optical Networks provides a comprehensive all-in-one text for beginning graduate as well as final-year undergraduate students, and also serves well for R&D engineers to quickly refresh the basics and then move on to emerging topics.

Cover for 9780190698621

Elements of Electromagnetics

Seventh Edition


Matthew Sadiku, Sudarshan Nelatury

19 January 2021

Cover for 9780198759867

Semiconductor Physics: Principles, Theory and Nanoscale


Sandip Tiwari

24 September 2020

This text brings together traditional solid-state approaches from the 20th century with developments of the early part of the 21st century, to reach an understanding of semiconductor physics in its multifaceted forms. It reveals how an understanding of what happens within the material can lead to insights into what happens in its use.

Cover for 9780198529729

Organic Electronics: Foundations to Applications


Stephen R. Forrest

21 August 2020

This textbook provides a basic understanding of the principles of the field of organic electronics through to their applications in organic devices. Useful for the student and practitioner, it is both a teaching text and a resource that is a jumping-off point for learning, working and innovating in this rapidly growing field.

Cover for 9780198858362

Particle Detectors: Fundamentals and Applications


Hermann Kolanoski, Norbert Wermes

30 June 2020

This book describes the fundamentals of particle detectors as well as their applications. Detector development is an important part of nuclear, particle and astroparticle physics and through its applications in radiation imaging it paves the way for advancements in the biomedical and materials sciences.

Cover for 9780198854227

Quantum Mechanics for Beginners: With Applications to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing


M. Suhail Zubairy

07 May 2020

An introduction to the fascinating subject of quantum mechanics. Almost entirely algebra-based, this book is accessible to those with only a high school background in physics and mathematics. In addition to the foundations of quantum mechanics, it also provides an introduction to the fields of quantum communication and quantum computing.

Cover for 9780190853501

Microelectronic Circuits

Eighth Edition


Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. (KC) Smith, Tony Chan Carusone, Vincent Gaudet

27 January 2020

Cover for 9780198742968

Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors


Sadegh Vaez-Zadeh

01 March 2018

Permanent magnet synchronous (PMS) motors stand at the forefront of electric motor development due to their energy saving capabilities and performance potential. This book is a timely advancement along that path as the first comprehensive, self-contained, and thoroughly up-to-date book devoted solely to the control of PMS motors.

Cover for 9780199388424

Elements of Power Electronics

Second Edition


Philip Krein

22 October 2015

The most up-to-date power electronics text available, now in a streamlined second edition with strong alternative energy coverage and expanded examples.

Cover for 9780199964543

Linear System Theory and Design: International Fourth Edition

Fourth Edition


Chi-Tsong Chen

27 February 2014

Cover for 9780195384932

Modern Digital and Analog Communications Systems

Fourth Edition


Lathi, Zhi Ding

02 July 2009

Cover for 9780195392562

Linear Systems and Signals: International Edition

Second Edition



04 June 2009

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