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Cover for 9780198856856

Quantum Physics of Semiconductor Materials and Devices


Debdeep Jena

26 May 2022

Aimed at upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering, this textbook covers the quantum physics of semiconductors, including their practical applications in various areas and their future potential.

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Introduction to Quantum Nanotechnology: A Problem Focused Approach


Duncan G. Steel

30 April 2021

This book serves as introduction to quantum theory with emphasis on dynamical behaviour and applications of quantum mechanics, with minimal discussion of formalism. The goal is to help engineering and physics students begin to learn the tools for a quantum toolbox they will need to work in this area.

Cover for 9780198854234

Quantum Mechanics for Beginners: With Applications to Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing


M. Suhail Zubairy

07 May 2020

An introduction to the fascinating subject of quantum mechanics. Almost entirely algebra-based, this book is accessible to those with only a high school background in physics and mathematics. In addition to the foundations of quantum mechanics, it also provides an introduction to the fields of quantum communication and quantum computing.

Cover for 9780198786795

Optics f2f: From Fourier to Fresnel


Charles S. Adams, Ifan G. Hughes

13 December 2018

This textbook on optics introduces key concepts of wave optics and light propagation. The book highlights topics in contemporary optics such as propagation, dispersion and apodisation. The principles are applied through worked examples, and the book is copiously illustrated with more than 240 figures and 200 end-of-chapter exercises.

Cover for 9780198829959

Electrical Properties of Materials

Tenth Edition


L. Solymar, D. Walsh, R. R. A. Syms

27 September 2018

Informal and accessible writing style, simple treatment of maths, and a clear guide to applications have made this a classic text in electrical and electronic engineering. Features fundamental ideas for understanding the electrical properties of materials. Topics are selected to explain the operation of devices with applications in engineering.

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