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International Economics




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The Macroeconomics of Developing Countries: An Intermediate Textbook


Giovanni Andrea Cornia

March 2020

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the exogenous factors and macroeconomic policies that affect the business cycle, long term growth, and the distribution of income in developing countries.

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International Trade


Charles Van Marrewijk

April 2017

A two-tier approach to learning makes this the most flexible book available: core theory within chapters is complemented by technical notes at the end of relevant chapters, allowing students to take their learning further.

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HIV & AIDS: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Alan Whiteside

November 2016

Very Short Introductions

HIV/ AIDS continues to be a major public health issue, affecting millions of sufferers worldwide. This Very Short Introduction explains the science, the international and local politics, the demographics, and the devastating consequences of the disease, and addresses some of the big issues that will concern us over the next decade.

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The Japanese Economy

Third Edition


David Flath

March 2014

Comprehensive survey of Japan's economic history and current situation. Concise description of Japanese economic institutions and events, integrated with cogent explanations rooted in economic logic. Extensive annotation to the scholarly literature.

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International Economics

Second Edition


Charles Van Marrewijk

April 2012

Covering both trade and international finance, this innovative text provides a thoroughly up-do-date and comprehensive treatment of each area. Throughout, the theory is illustrated with empirical evidence and an abundance of relevant case studies. It includes an online study guide.

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