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The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis: Volume VII: Further Topics in Behavioral Economics


Sanjit Dhami

15 July 2020

This seventh volume of The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis covers a range of topics in behavioral economics Authoritative, cutting edge, and accessible, this volume covers the topics of emotions, behavioral welfare economics, and neuroeconomics.

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Fourteenth Edition


Richard Lipsey, Alec Chrystal

19 March 2020

The ideal companion for understanding economic principles, using a consistent, theoretical framework to examine the topics and global case studies to contextualise the content.

Cover for 9780198806523

Foundations of Economics

Fifth Edition


Andrew Gillespie

29 March 2019

The most accessible and user-friendly foundations of economics textbook available.

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Mathematical Finance: A Very Short Introduction


Mark H. A. Davis

24 January 2019

Very Short Introductions

Now a vital part of modern economies, the rapid growth of the finance industry in recent decades is largely due to the development of mathematical methods such as the theory of arbitrage. Asset valuation, credit trading, and fund management, now depend on these mathematical tools. Mark Davis explains the theories and their applications.

Cover for 9780198784456

Adam Smith: A Very Short Introduction


Christopher J. Berry

25 October 2018

Very Short Introductions

Today Adam Smith, author of the Wealth of Nations, is associated with the promotion of self-interest and a defence of greed. Yet if Smith is actually read this is more a caricature than a faithful portrait. Berry offers a balanced and nuanced view of this seminal thinker, set against contemporary European history, politics, and philosophy.

Cover for 9780198716471

Poverty: A Very Short Introduction


Philip N. Jefferson

26 July 2018

Very Short Introductions

This Very Short Introduction considers who the poor are, where they live, what their lives are like, and what obstacles or barriers they face. Looking at the complex issues that cause the prevalence, depth, and severity of poverty to vary across countries and over time, it considers possible future solutions.

Cover for 9780198787051

Economics: A Primer


Simon Hayley, Alec Chrystal

22 February 2018

Concise, engaging and highly intuitive, Economics: A Primer equips you with an understanding of all the basic principles of economics.

Cover for 9780198754992

Behavioural Economics: A Very Short Introduction


Michelle Baddeley

26 January 2017

Very Short Introductions

Behavioural economics blends insights from economics and psychology to explain how people make everyday decisions. Analysing the forces that drive everyone's behaviour it helps us understand what people are motivated by, our impulse purchases, why we struggle to save, and how supermarkets can manipulate what and how much we buy.

Cover for 9780198715535

The Foundations of Behavioral Economic Analysis


Sanjit Dhami

03 November 2016

This is the first definitive introduction to behavioral economics aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students. Authoritative, cutting edge, yet accessible, it guides the reader through theory and evidence, providing engaging and relevant applications throughout.

Cover for 9780198779568

Measurement: A Very Short Introduction


David J. Hand

06 October 2016

Very Short Introductions

This Very Short Introduction explores the concept of measurement, its mathematical underpinnings, and its wide range of application from the sciences and social sciences to economics and commerce.

Cover for 9780199683697

Taxation: A Very Short Introduction


Stephen Smith

23 April 2015

Very Short Introductions

Tax revenues pay for many public services, including roads, health care, and education. However, it has become a contentious political issue of public debate. In this Very Short Introduction, Stephen Smith explains its history and its main principles; arguing that we'd all benefit from an understanding of the role of taxation in society.

Cover for 9780199543021



David King

05 January 2012

A refreshingly straightforward textbook that reinforces understanding of economic theory by placing student experiences at the heart of learning. Easy to follow concepts are presented at an appropriate pace and in a relevant and engaging manner, while still covering all the essential material needed on an introductory economics module.

Cover for 9780192853455

Economics: A Very Short Introduction


Partha Dasgupta

22 February 2007

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780192803030

Choice Theory: A Very Short Introduction


Michael Allingham

22 August 2002

Very Short Introductions

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