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Economics of Monetary Union

Fourteenth Edition


Paul De Grauwe

28 June 2022

In the only textbook to focus on both the costs and benefits of monetary unions, Paul De Grauwe explores current issues surrounding the Eurozone and critically analyses the theories and policies relating to monetary union.

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The Russian Economy: A Very Short Introduction


Richard Connolly

23 July 2020

Very Short Introductions

For many, Russia's political influence far exceeds its weight in the global economy. Richard Connolly demonstrates that in fact Russia's economy affords it global power, and explores how its socialist past has shaped its economic system into a unique blend of state and market.

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Adam Smith: A Very Short Introduction


Christopher J. Berry

25 October 2018

Very Short Introductions

Today Adam Smith, author of the Wealth of Nations, is associated with the promotion of self-interest and a defence of greed. Yet if Smith is actually read this is more a caricature than a faithful portrait. Berry offers a balanced and nuanced view of this seminal thinker, set against contemporary European history, politics, and philosophy.

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