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Understanding Strategic Management

Fourth Edition


Anthony E. Henry

07 July 2021

Packed with real-life examples and emphasising the essential tools of analysis, this is the ideal introduction for students taking their first steps into strategic management.

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Winning at the Acquisition Game: Tools, Templates, and Best Practices Across the M&A Process


Timothy Galpin

24 September 2020

In an era of digital transformation, disruptive innovation, transient competitive advantage, and industry convergence, mergers and acquisitions have become more complex than ever. Through an actionable end-to-end process model this book presents practical knowledge and tools to help readers successfully complete each stage of the M&A process.

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Risk: A Very Short Introduction


Baruch Fischhoff, John Kadvany

26 May 2011

Very Short Introductions

Risk is everywhere - from genetically modified crops, dams, and stem-cell therapy to heartbreak, online predators, inflation, and robbery. This Very Short Introduction examines what science has learned about how people deal with risks, what we can learn through decision theory, and how we can evaluate risk in our own lives.

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The Theory of the Growth of the Firm

Fourth Edition


Edith Penrose, Christos Pitelis

24 September 2009

There are not many books that are genuine classics, and only a handful in business and management whose insights and ideas last for over 50 years. This book is one of the very few 'must reads' for anybody seriously interested in the role of management in the firm. A new introduction recounts Penrose's extraordinary life and assesses her key ideas.

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