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Collective Skill Formation in the Knowledge Economy


Giuliano Bonoli, Patrick Emmenegger

29 September 2022

The book argues that collective skill formation systems remain attractive for firms and governments. However, continuous and profound adjustments will be needed if they are to fulfil their objectives in terms of equity and efficiency.

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Employment Discrimination: A Concise Review of the Legal Landscape


Stephen J. Vodanovich, Deborah E. Rupp

31 May 2022

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Introducing Employment Relations: A Critical Approach

Fifth Edition


Steve Williams

21 April 2020

The most trusted and thought-provoking introduction to employment relations, this new and extensively updated edition draws on the most up-to-date research and contemporary examples to help students develop their knowledge, understanding, and critical assessment of the main issues relating to employment relations.

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Employment Law: An Introduction

Fifth Edition


Stephen Taylor, Astra Emir

03 April 2019

The most student-focused textbook to guide the non-specialist through the law's technicalities

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Knowledge Management in Organizations: A critical introduction

Fourth Edition


Donald Hislop, Rachelle Bosua, Remko Helms

29 March 2018

The most comprehensive and critical textbook on knowledge management, in an accessible, concise format.

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Second Edition


Catherine Bailey, David Mankin, Clare Kelliher, Thomas Garavan

29 March 2018

The most applied SHRM textbook, striking the ideal balance between the latest academic theory and real-world practice.

Cover for 9780198702825

Introduction to Human Resource Management

Third Edition


Paul Banfield, Rebecca Kay, Dean Royles

08 February 2018

Succinct, applied, realistic: this highly-engaging introductory textbook is written by both an educator and two practitioners providing readers with the perfect balance of theory and practice.

Cover for 9780198748366

Honeyball & Bowers' Textbook on Employment Law

Fourteenth Edition


Simon Honeyball

28 April 2016

The critiques and complexities of employment law neatly distilled.

Cover for 9780199563210

Introduction to International Human Resource Management


Eileen Crawley, Stephen Swailes, David Walsh

07 March 2013

This text provides students with an introduction to international human resource management. The authors assume no background knowledge of HRM and blend academic theories with numerous practical examples. Case studies from a wide range of geographical regions and cultures are employed, East as well as West.

Cover for 9780195998306

Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management

Fourth Edition


Rob Bothma, Chris Brewster, Lorraine Carey, Peter Holland, Surette Warnich, Pieter Grobler

20 December 2012

Cover for 9780199605484

Human Resource Management

Second Edition


Sarah Gilmore, Steve Williams

06 December 2012

This book provides a concise, engaging, and accessible introduction to human resource management which is academically rigorous and appropriate for both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking courses in business studies and related areas. Adopting lecturers receive a copy of a DVD featuring video interviews with practitioners.

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Managing Equality and Diversity: Theory and Practice


Savita Kumra, Simonetta Manfredi, Lucy Vickers

05 January 2012

This much-needed text provides a clear exposition of the key theoretical perspectives of diversity management and equal opportunities approaches; combined with practice-based experience. Taking a business, rather than sociological slant on the subject, the chapters cover age, gender, legal framework and more.

Cover for 9780199283286

Human Resource Development


David Mankin

22 January 2009

Assuming no prior knowledge or experience, this textbook provides an introduction to learning and development. Blending key theories and concepts with a practical approach, the text covers the core areas that line managers and HRD practitioners need to know to design, implement, and evaluate formal training interventions.

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