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Innovation: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Mark Dodgson, David Gann

23 August 2018

Very Short Introductions

What is innovation? How can it be used? Why is failure so common in the process of innovation? This Very Short Introduction looks at what innovation is, what it has done for us, and why it has been so important in the last 150 years.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Creating New Value


Danny Samson, Marianne Gloet

10 December 2015

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Entrepreneurship: A Very Short Introduction


Paul Westhead, Mike Wright

28 November 2013

Very Short Introductions

What is entrepreneurship? Is it important? What do entrepreneurs actually do? These are a few of the key questions considered in this Very Short Introduction. Paul Westhead and Mike Wright provide a clear guide to all aspects of the process of entrepreneurship, including the diversity of the people involved and the benefits it brings to society.

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Entrepreneurship: The Social Science View


Richard Swedberg

24 August 2000

Oxford Management Readers

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