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Research Methods & Skills


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Cover for 9780198870470

Presenting Scientific Data in R: Creating effective graphs and figures


Rosalind K. Humphreys, Graeme D. Ruxton

July 2022

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for students embarking on an undergraduate bioscience degree, this primer provides an accessible, straightforward, and approachable guide to data presentation using R.

Cover for 9780192896599

Research Methods Using R: Advanced Data Analysis in the Behavioural and Biological Sciences


Daniel H. Baker

March 2022

The only text to bring together a wide range of advanced analytical techniques and make them truly accessible to students using plain language and worked programming examples.

Cover for 9780192843487

Introduction to Quantitative Ecology: Mathematical and Statistical Modelling for Beginners


Timothy E. Essington

September 2021

Environmental science (ecology, conservation, and resource management) is an increasingly quantitative field. This accessible textbook introduces quantitative ecology in a manner that aims to confront the limitations of the current literature and thereby appeal to a far wider audience.

Cover for 9780198850250

Conservation Technology


Serge A. Wich, Alex K. Piel

August 2021

The first comprehensive text to describe the breadth of available technology for conservation and to evaluate its varied applications, bringing together a team of international experts using a diverse range of approaches.

Cover for 9780198841531

Becoming a Critical Thinker: For your university studies and beyond


Sarah Birrell Ivory

January 2021

Practical, approachable, and thought-provoking: your complete companion to critical thinking.

Cover for 9780198804796

An Editor's Guide to Writing and Publishing Science


Michael Hochberg

July 2019

This contemporary guide is packed full of expert tips and suggestions which will make the reader think in a fresh, creative, and novel way about writing and publishing science.

Cover for 9780198791461

Study and Communication Skills for the Biosciences

Third Edition


Stuart Johnson, Jon Scott

January 2019

The only text to focus on study and communication skills specifically for bioscience students, helping them get the most out of their degree, and develop the skills and experience that will make them more employable after graduation.

Cover for 9780198787846

Getting Started with R: An Introduction for Biologists

Second Edition


Andrew P. Beckerman, Dylan Z. Childs, Owen L. Petchey

February 2017

A popular entry-level guide into the use of R as a statistical programming and data management language for students, post-docs, and seasoned researchers now in a new revised edition, incorporating the updates in the R environment, and also adding guidance on the use of more complex statistical analyses and tools.

Cover for 9780198728498

Research Methods for the Biosciences

Third Edition


Debbie Holmes, Peter Moody, Diana Dine, Laurence Trueman

November 2016

The only text to cover in one concise resource all the key aspects of research methodology that undergraduate bioscience students need to know.

Cover for 9780198717355

Experimental Design for the Life Sciences

Fourth Edition


Graeme D. Ruxton, Nick Colegrave

June 2016

The only undergraduate textbook devoted to experimental design for the life sciences, making this essential aspect of the research process readily understandable.

Cover for 9780198712541

Scientific Data Analysis


Graham Currell

February 2015

The only data analysis text to both describe the principles and show the practice, combining text and video to optimum effect.

Cover for 9780199695560

Tools and Techniques in Biomolecular Science


Aysha Divan, Janice Royds

March 2013

Tools and Techniques in the Biomolecular Sciences reviews a broad range of modern technologies, explaining the theoretical principles of each technology, their applications and limitations, and how to understand and analyse the data a particular technique generates.

Cover for 9780199642144

Biophysical Techniques


Iain Campbell

February 2012

Biophysical Techniques explains in a readily-accessible way the basics of the various biophysical methods available so students can understand the principles behind the different methods used, and begin to appreciate which tools can be used to probe different biological questions, and the pros and cons of each.

Cover for 9780199226351

Communication Skills for the Biosciences: A graduate guide


Aysha Divan

March 2009

Effective scientific communication is a skill highly-prized by potential employers, and is central to success during postgraduate study. Communication Skills for the Biosciences is a straightforward, practical guide to the skills you should master to get the most out of your study and research, to pave the way to a successful career.

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