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Cover for 9780198870470

Presenting Scientific Data in R: Creating effective graphs and figures


Rosalind K. Humphreys, Graeme D. Ruxton

25 July 2022

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for students embarking on an undergraduate bioscience degree, this primer provides an accessible, straightforward, and approachable guide to data presentation using R.

Cover for 9780192843487

Introduction to Quantitative Ecology: Mathematical and Statistical Modelling for Beginners


Timothy E. Essington

30 September 2021

Environmental science (ecology, conservation, and resource management) is an increasingly quantitative field. This accessible textbook introduces quantitative ecology in a manner that aims to confront the limitations of the current literature and thereby appeal to a far wider audience.

Cover for 9780198869337

Applied Statistics with R: A Practical Guide for the Life Sciences


Justin C. Touchon

01 July 2021

This book uses the statistical language R, which is the choice of ecologists worldwide and is rapidly becoming the 'go-to' stats program throughout the life-sciences. Furthermore, by using a single, real-world dataset throughout the book, readers are encouraged to become deeply familiar with an imperfect but realistic set of data.

Cover for 9780198849827

Insights from Data with R: An Introduction for the Life and Environmental Sciences


Owen L. Petchey, Andrew P. Beckerman, Natalie Cooper, Dylan Z. Childs

25 February 2021

This accessible and engaging book provides readers with the knowledge, experience, and confidence to work with raw data and unlock essential information (insights) from data summaries and visualisations.

Cover for 9780198846635

Power Analysis: An Introduction for the Life Sciences


Nick Colegrave, Graeme D. Ruxton

17 November 2020

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for mid-to-upper level undergraduates, this compelling introduction to power analysis offers a clear, conceptual understanding of the factors that influence statistical power, as well as guidance on improving and presenting the outcomes of power analyses to justify experimental design decisions.

Cover for 9780198847618

One Thousand Exercises in Probability: Third Edition

Third Edition


Geoffrey Grimmett, David Stirzaker

16 July 2020

This volume of more than 1300 exercises and solutions in probability theory has two roles. It is both a freestanding book of exercises and solutions in probability theory, and a manual for students and teachers covering the exercises and problems in the companion volume Probability and Random Processes (4th edition).

Cover for 9780198824299

Theoretical Ecology: concepts and applications


Kevin S. McCann, Gabriel Gellner

14 May 2020

This book continues the authoritative and established sequence of theoretical ecology books initiated by Robert M. May which helped pave the way for ecology to become a more robust theoretical science, encouraging the modern biologist to better understand the mathematics behind their theories.

Cover for 9780198827634

Statistical Thinking from Scratch: A Primer for Scientists


M. D. Edge

13 June 2019

Focuses on detailed instruction in a single statistical technique, simple linear regression (SLR), with the goal of gaining tools, understanding, and intuition that can be applied to other contexts.

Cover for 9780198841302

Bayesian Statistics for Beginners: a step-by-step approach


Therese M. Donovan, Ruth M. Mickey

29 May 2019

This is an entry-level book on Bayesian statistics written in a casual, and conversational tone. The authors walk a reader through many sample problems step-by-step to provide those with little background in math or statistics with the vocabulary, notation, and understanding of the calculations used in many Bayesian problems.

Cover for 9780198807483

Biomeasurement: A Student's Guide to Biological Statistics

Fourth Edition


Dawn Hawkins

02 May 2019

The introductory biological statistics text with the best online resources and software support for bioscience students needing to integrate statistics into their studies and apply it in their research.

Cover for 9780198787846

Getting Started with R: An Introduction for Biologists

Second Edition


Andrew P. Beckerman, Dylan Z. Childs, Owen L. Petchey

02 February 2017

A popular entry-level guide into the use of R as a statistical programming and data management language for students, post-docs, and seasoned researchers now in a new revised edition, incorporating the updates in the R environment, and also adding guidance on the use of more complex statistical analyses and tools.

Cover for 9780198728498

Research Methods for the Biosciences

Third Edition


Debbie Holmes, Peter Moody, Diana Dine, Laurence Trueman

10 November 2016

The only text to cover in one concise resource all the key aspects of research methodology that undergraduate bioscience students need to know.

Cover for 9780198712541

Scientific Data Analysis


Graham Currell

26 February 2015

The only data analysis text to both describe the principles and show the practice, combining text and video to optimum effect.

Cover for 9780199644964

Maths for Science


Sally Jordan, Shelagh Ross, Pat Murphy

06 September 2012

Maths for Science overturns the misconception that maths is a daunting, theory-filled subject by providing a confidence-boosting overview of essential mathematical skills and techniques. Written in a clear, straightforward style, with examples and practice problems throughout, it is the ideal guide for all science students.

Cover for 9780199216345

Core Maths for the Biosciences


Martin B. Reed

31 March 2011

Core Maths for the Biosciences introduces the range of mathematical concepts that bioscience students need to master during thier studies. Starting from fundamental concepts, it blends clear explanations and biological examples throughout as it equips the reader with the full range of mathematical tools required by biologists today.

Cover for 9780199252312

Modern Statistics for the Life Sciences


Alan Grafen, Rosie Hails

21 March 2002

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