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Genetics (non-medical genetics)


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Cover for 9780198856573

Conservation and the Genomics of Populations

Third Edition


Fred W. Allendorf, W. Chris Funk, Sally N. Aitken, Margaret Byrne, Gordon Luikart, Agostinho Antunes

October 2021

The third edition of this established textbook provides an updated and comprehensive overview of the essential background, concepts, and tools required to understand how genetics can be used to conserve species, reduce threat of extinction, and manage species of ecological or commercial importance.

Cover for 9780198829546

Population Genetics with R: An Introduction for Life Scientists


Áki Jarl Láruson, Floyd Allan Reed

February 2021

This book focuses on applying the hugely popular R software specifically to the field, offering an accessible, step-by-step guide to tackling the challenges of achieving effective data interpretation and summary.

Cover for 9780198841555

Genetics in Medicine


Barbara Jennings, Gavin Willis, Nandu Thalange

July 2020

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for students embarking on an undergraduate bioscience degree, this primer provides a concise and engaging overview of the genetic basis of disease, including the current use of genetics in a clinical context and its future applications.

Cover for 9780198862307

A Primer of Population Genetics and Genomics

Fourth Edition


Daniel L. Hartl

June 2020

This accessible primer has been completely revised and updated to provide a concise but comprehensive introduction to the basic concepts of population genetics and genomics.

Cover for 9780198809906

Genetic Analysis: Genes, Genomes, and Networks in Eukaryotes

Third Edition


Philip Meneely

April 2020

Genetic Analysis applies the combined power of molecular biology, genetics, and genomics to explore how the priniciples of genetics can be used as analytical tools to solve biological problems.

Cover for 9780198838951

A Primer of Molecular Population Genetics


Asher D. Cutter

June 2019

Provides a concise, accessible introduction to the principle ideas, methods, and caveats for understanding evolution at the molecular level.

Cover for 9780198830924

Evolutionary Genetics: Concepts, Analysis, and Practice


Glenn-Peter Sætre, Mark Ravinet

May 2019

This book covers all the major components of modern evolutionary genetics including population genetics, molecular evolution, speciation, organismal evolution, and phylogenetics.

Cover for 9780878939657

Molecular Population Genetics


Matthew Hahn

August 2018

If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

Cover for 9780198803492

Synthetic Biology: A Very Short Introduction


Jamie A. Davies

July 2018

Very Short Introductions

The fast growing field of synthetic biology, which involves the novel design or redesign of living matter, has opened a vista of technological opportunities, from drug manufacture to producing biofuels. Jamie Davies considers the possibilities and controversies surrounding this exciting new science.

Cover for 9780198790457

Heredity: A Very Short Introduction


John Waller

August 2017

Very Short Introductions

John Waller describes the changing ideas concerning heredity from antiquity to the modern biological understanding, considering both the efforts over the centuries to identify the physiological mechanisms involved and how views of heredity have been used to justify or condemn inequalities of class, gender, and race.

Cover for 9780198712558

Genetics: Genes, genomes, and evolution


Philip Meneely, Rachel Dawes Hoang, Iruka N. Okeke, Katherine Heston

May 2017

The only text to present the fundamental principles of genetics and molecular biology as viewed from an evolutionary perspective and informed by genome analysis.

Cover for 9780198788911

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene


Richard Dawkins

September 2016

The 'extended phenotype' is Dawkins' key contribution to the gene's eye view of evolution given in The Selfish Gene. He shows that the influence of genes can extend far beyond the bodies in which they reside, manipulating the environment and the behaviour of other individuals. A worldwide bestseller and a classic work of scientific exposition.

Cover for 9780199687763

Biocode: The New Age of Genomics


Dawn Field, Neil Davies

August 2016

In Biocode, Dawn Field and Neil Davies capture the scale and excitement of the rapidly growing field of genomics. From automatic DNA sequencing of newborns to synthetic life, and the sequencing of whole ecosystems, genomics is set to revolutionize our understanding of life on Earth and affect us all.

Cover for 9781605353135

A Primer of Human Genetics


Greg Gibson

December 2014

Helps students understand and appreciate the extraordinary shifts in human genetics that have accompanied the arrival of genomics. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

Cover for 9780199676507

Genes: A Very Short Introduction


Jonathan Slack

September 2014

Very Short Introductions

In this Very Short Introduction to the gene Jonathan Slack explores the discovery, nature, and role of genes in evolution and development. Looking at how genes are understood as a concept, the nature of genetic variation, and how their mutation can lead to disease, this is an ideal guide for anyone curious about what genes are and how they work.

Cover for 9780199694624

Thrive in Genetics


Alison Thomas

May 2013

Thrive In Bioscience Revision Guides

The Thrive in Bioscience revision guides are written to help undergraduate students achieve exam success in all core areas of bioscience. They communicate all the key concepts in a succinct, easy-to-digest way, using features and tools - both in the book and in digital form - to make learning even more effective.

Cover for 9781605351537

An Introduction to Population Genetics: Theory and Applications


Rasmus Nielsen, Montgomery Slatkin

March 2013

An accessible introduction to both classical and modern population genetics theories. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

Cover for 9780878933082

Principles of Population Genetics

Fourth Edition


Daniel L. Hartl, Andrew G. Clark

December 2006

Provides a balanced presentation of theory and observation. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

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