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Botany & Plant Sciences


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Cover for 9780198815723

Photosynthetic Life: Origin, Evolution, and Future


Denis Murphy, Tanai Cardona

June 2022

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for mid-to-upper level undergraduates, this title provides an introduction to the evolution of the photosynthetic organisms that dominate the biosphere and underpin the rest of life on Earth.

Cover for 9780198783688

Biological Science: Exploring the Science of Life


Jon Scott, Gus Cameron, Anne Goodenough, Dawn Hawkins, Jenny Koenig, Martin Luck, Despo Papachristodoulou, Alison Snape, Kay Yeoman, Mark Goodwin

April 2022

Biological Science: Exploring the Science of Life, more than any other general biology text, helps students to master the key concepts while viewing biology as a dynamic experimental science. It is the only book to make thinking like a biologist second nature.

Cover for 9780198828372

Systems Biology: A Very Short Introduction


Eberhard O. Voit

March 2020

Very Short Introductions

Systems biology utilises new computational tools to analyse biological processes on an extraordinary scale. We can now study complex biological phenomena within their natural contexts, applying a holistic, systems-based approach. This book explores what this interdisciplinary field is about, and how it will affect our understanding of life.

Cover for 9780198798309

Making Eden: How Plants Transformed a Barren Planet


David Beerling

March 2019

Plants are absolutely fundamental to the functioning of life on earth. But how did the earliest plants first emerge from water and conquer the continents? Using the latest research, David Beerling tells their evolutionary story. And, as we face catastrophic loss of biodiversity, he highlights the profound effect they have on ecosystems and climate.

Cover for 9780198827726

Plant Diseases and Biosecurity


Paul Beales, John Elphinstone, Adrian Fox, Charles Lane, Derek McCann, Tim Lacey, Julian Little, Kerry Maguire, Alice Turnbull

March 2019

Oxford Biology Primers

Written primarily for 16-19 year old students, this concise introduction to plant disease, its impact on human health and economic systems, and the increasing roles of technology in surveillance, diagnosis and disease management aims to extend students' knowledge and inspire them to take their school-level learning further.

Cover for 9781605357454

Plant Physiology and Development

Sixth Edition


Lincoln Taiz, Eduardo Zeiger, Ian M. Møller, Angus Murphy

March 2018

Incorporates the latest advances in plant biology to provide the best educational foundation for the next generation of plant biologists.

Cover for 9781605356846

Plants, Genes, and Agriculture: Sustainability through Biotechnology


Maarten J. Chrispeels, Paul Gepts

November 2017

What needs to happen if we are going to feed almost 10 billion people by the year 2050 in a sustainable way? If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

Cover for 9781605353890

Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach

Fourth Edition


Walter S. Judd, Christopher S. Campbell, Elizabeth A. Kellogg, Peter F. Stevens, Michael J. Donoghue

November 2015

A comprehensive introduction to vascular plant phylogeny. If you are a lecturer interested in adopting this title for your course, please contact your Oxford representative to arrange a local price.

Cover for 9780199671472

Methods in Comparative Plant Population Ecology

Second Edition


David Gibson

October 2014

A user-friendly introduction to the methodology of plant population ecology research.

Cover for 9780199292233

The Evolution of Plants

Second Edition


Kathy Willis, Jennifer McElwain

December 2013

Blends evidence from the fossil record and data from biomolecular studies to tell the story of plant evolution from the earliest forms of life to the present day. Its straightforward explanations and clear illustrations provide the most accessible introduction to plant evolution available.

Cover for 9780199584062

Plants: A Very Short Introduction


Timothy Walker

April 2012

Very Short Introductions

Plants are a fundamental part of the biosphere and their evolution has directly affected animal life, and the Earth's climate. This Very Short Introduction provides a concise account of the nature of plants, their variety, their evolution, and their importance and uses, stressing the importance of conservation for the future.

Cover for 9780199282616

Plant Biotechnology: The genetic manipulation of plants

Second Edition


Adrian Slater, Nigel Scott, Mark Fowler

March 2008

Plant Biotechnology presents a balanced, objective exploration of the technology behind genetic manipulation, and its application to the growth and cultivation of plants. The book describes the techniques underpinning genetic manipulation and makes extensive use of case studies to illustrate how this influential tool is used in practice.

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