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Animal Science





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Invasive Species: A Very Short Introduction


Julie Lockwood, Dustin J. Welbourne

June 2023

Very Short Introductions

Invasive species have become a major environmental issue in ecosystems across the world. Julie Lockwood considers how plant and animal species are introduced to new environments; the ecological, social, and economic impacts they can have; and approaches to managing them, against the broader backdrop of environmental change.

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Essential Entomology

Second Edition


George C. McGavin, Leonidas-Romanos Davranoglou, Richard Lewington

October 2022

This updated and fully revised edition continues to provide an essential guide to the most species-rich and abundant multicellular organisms on our planet. A clear taxonomic structure arms the student reader with the necessary framework that will enable them to understand the evolutionary innovations of insects in a new light.

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Biological Science: Exploring the Science of Life


Jon Scott, Gus Cameron, Anne Goodenough, Dawn Hawkins, Jenny Koenig, Martin Luck, Despo Papachristodoulou, Alison Snape, Kay Yeoman, Mark Goodwin

July 2022

Biological Science: Exploring the Science of Life, more than any other general biology text, helps students to master the key concepts while viewing biology as a dynamic experimental science. It is the only book to make thinking like a biologist second nature.

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Insects: A Very Short Introduction


Simon Leather

June 2022

Very Short Introductions

This book explores the extraordinarily diverse and beautiful world of insects, from tiny wasps to giant beetles. It analyses insect evolution, and describes their behaviour, their environments, and the interactions they have with other animals. It also discusses their vital role in all land ecosystems, and their importance for our own survival.

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Predator Ecology: Evolutionary Ecology of the Functional Response


John P. DeLong

September 2021

Predator-prey interactions are ubiquitous, govern the flow of energy up trophic levels, and strongly influence the structure of ecological systems. They are typically quantified using the functional response - the relationship between a predator's foraging rate and the availability of food.

Cover for 9780198850250

Conservation Technology


Serge A. Wich, Alex K. Piel

August 2021

The first comprehensive text to describe the breadth of available technology for conservation and to evaluate its varied applications, bringing together a team of international experts using a diverse range of approaches.

Cover for 9780198842989

Amphibians: A Very Short Introduction


T. S. Kemp

July 2021

Very Short Introductions

Cover for 9780198869825

Coral Reefs: A Very Short Introduction

Second Edition


Charles Sheppard

April 2021

Very Short Introductions

Coral reefs are among the most biodiverse of ecosystems. Here, Charles Sheppard tells the fascinating story of how and where coral reefs are formed and the variety of marine life they support. He highlights the severe threats they face due to climate change, pollution, and over-exploitation, and the ongoing conservation efforts to save them.

Cover for 9780199655458

Animal Physiology: an environmental perspective


Patrick Butler, Anne Brown, George Stephenson, John Speakman

February 2021

More than any other text, takes an evolutionary approach to show how physiological systems allow animals to adapt to their changing environments.

Cover for 9780198804758

Essential Ornithology

Second Edition


Graham Scott

September 2020

Essential Ornithology provides the reader with a concise but comprehensive introduction to the biology of birds, one of the most widely studied and commonly taught taxonomic groups.

Cover for 9780198825258

Smell: A Very Short Introduction


Matthew Cobb

May 2020

Very Short Introductions

Matthew Cobb explores the sense of smell - its complex evolutionary history, and its many functions in a wide variety of animals, including humans. He describes the latest scientific research into this remarkable faculty, involving the brain as much as the nose, and reveals surprising insights into animal and human life.

Cover for 9780198828372

Systems Biology: A Very Short Introduction


Eberhard O. Voit

March 2020

Very Short Introductions

Systems biology utilises new computational tools to analyse biological processes on an extraordinary scale. We can now study complex biological phenomena within their natural contexts, applying a holistic, systems-based approach. This book explores what this interdisciplinary field is about, and how it will affect our understanding of life.

Cover for 9781605358949

Animal Behavior

Eleventh edition


Dustin Rubenstein, John Alcock

May 2019

Shows how researchers use scientific logic to study the underlying mechanisms and evolutionary bases of behaviour.

Cover for 9780198806417

Reptiles: A Very Short Introduction


T. S. Kemp

January 2019

Very Short Introductions

From dinosaurs to lizards, snakes, and turtles, Tom Kemp considers the range of reptiles which have walked our Earth. Exploring how evolutionary adaptions have fitted them to their individual niches, he discusses their biology, such as cold bloodedness and feeding habits, and analyses why reptiles have been so successful throughout history.

Cover for 9780198738725

Behavioral Neurobiology: An integrative approach

Third Edition


Günther K.H. Zupanc

January 2019

The only book to offer an up-to-date and in-depth coverage of key model systems to illustrate the fundamental principles of behavioral neurobiology.

Cover for 9780198747710

Eyes to See: The Astonishing Variety of Vision in Nature


Michael Land

November 2018

The spectacular capacity to see the world around them has evolved in many different ways among animals. From scallops and jumping spiders to humans, Michael Land explores the extraordinary variety of eyes in nature, how they work, and how they enable their bearers to survive.

Cover for 9780198724223

Moonstruck: How lunar cycles affect life


Ernest Naylor

October 2018

Compared to well established circadian rhythms, scientific evidence for biological clocks linked to the Moon has only recently become recognized. This book describes the growing evidence for lunar influences on animal behaviour, and considers whether humans may be affected too.

Cover for 9780198778752

Sexual Selection: A Very Short Introduction


Marlene Zuk, Leigh W. Simmons

August 2018

Very Short Introductions

Sexual selection, Darwin's other big idea, is the selection for particular traits and behaviours that results from (usually) female choice and male competition. It can produce flamboyant features, such as the peacock's tail, which would seem to be detrimental to survival. This book explores our understanding of how sexual selection works.

Cover for 9780198790969

Veterinary Science: A Very Short Introduction


James Yeates

February 2018

Very Short Introductions

James Yeates covers the history of veterinary science, considering the roles of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention in animal health. Discussing recent challenges such as the outbreak of BSE, and antibiotic resistance, he considers the future of the field, and difficulties in balancing the interests of owners and animals when they don't coincide.

Cover for 9780198785569

Essential Fish Biology: Diversity, Structure, and Function


Derek Burton, Margaret Burton

October 2017

Essential Fish Biology provides an introductory overview of the functional biology of fish and how this may be affected by the widely contrasting habitat conditions within the aquatic environment.

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