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About Us

As a department of Oxford University, Oxford University Press is part of the academic community. We share the values, and objectives common to higher education institutions: our mission is to support the university’s objective of excellence in research scholarship, and education.

Just as you do, we want the students who have committed themselves to a university degree to fully engage with their experience, and emerge ready to flourish in the workplace.

Our heritage

Oxford University Press is built on a heritage that dates back to the earliest days of printing. We’re proud of our long history; it has shaped the development of our publishing and helps inform and define who we are today, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t forward thinking and looking forward to leaving our mark on the next 500 years of publishing.

Watch our short introductory film.


Our quality

We have a proud history of consistently placing quality at the centre of our publishing, from the authors and editors who craft the content, to the systems and services which support your access to it.

This quality assurance is underpinned by the Delegate involvement in our publishing programme. The Delegates, a selection of academics from the University of Oxford, hold ultimate approval on all new publishing projects, helping ensure Oxford University Press’s publishing is of the top academic quality.


Our relationships

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining strong relationships with our partners—authors, suppliers, teachers, and customers – relationships that are built on trust, honesty, and the quality of our publishing.

We actively look to partner with university departments so we can work together to deliver fitting content in a format and at the price that best fits your institution’s requirements and your students’ expectations.

Contact us to see how we can work more closely with you to help deliver your objectives.


Our focus

Our structure means multi-functional teams of experts work specifically on undergraduate textbooks and resources – we focus the resulting in-depth product and market knowledge on exceeding the expectations of teacher and students; and offering you a sincere, relevant, and comprehensive service to support your teaching.

Our campus representatives are different from others you may meet. They’re trained to consult rather than sell, to uncover your teaching needs and course requirements and arrive at solutions with you.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can work with you. 


Our authors

Oxford University Press has some exceptional authors writing textbooks for us. We can boast some of the best authors in their fields, including Nobel Laureates and world-renowned specialists. Our authors are one of our greatest resources – like us they are driven by the desire to enhance understanding and inspire a love of learning.

If you are an existing or potential author, find out more about how we can work with you, and please get in touch.


Our reach

Oxford University Press has established an international reach far beyond that of a traditional university press. Millions of people every year use the materials that we publish to further their education or research. We publish in more than 40 languages for millions of readers worldwide.

We are inclusive; publishing or adapting content to suit the local market, and have active textbook publishing programmes in branch offices across the world.

Find out more about our reach or visit our regional websites.


You may also be interested in finding out more about our e-books and online resources, or the service we can offer to support lecturers.