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Brexit & EU Law

Here at Oxford University Press we think it's a fascinating time to be studying EU law, as history is made before our eyes. So, in addition to your textbooks, we want to support you as the events surrounding Brexit unfold; to help you engage with the legal and political issues at play, and consider the potential outcomes, so that you feel informed and can form your own opinions.

To do this we've enlisted the help of our authors and others to provide updates and analysis from a variety of different perspectives, as well as links to other useful resources.

New: Blog post 8 - Brexit law: the Brexit deal and human rights by Professor Steve Peers

February focus: EU law

We're continuing our 2021 series of subject features with EU law this month. Read chapters on the history and development of the EU, transfer of powers, free movement of persons, and whether EU law is international law. Explore the collection.

Brexit_HubBrexit Blog
Steve Peers provides regular bite-sized explanations and analyses on Brexit developments, tailored to Law Students. Click here to read the latest update.


Read up on economic factors like trade regulations, and how these will be affected by Brexit. Visit our Trade & Business page to discover more.


Confused about the withdrawal process? Find some clarity with key materials and law-focussed analyses on our Withdrawal from the EU page.



Brexit_HubThe Essentials
Let the experts guide you through what Brexit really means for EU law, and learn why it matters for your studies. Click here to read the essentials.


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Explore Further

Brexit is developing all the time, and there’s a lot to keep up with. Our collection of resources aims to bring you expert insights to support your exploration of the subject, but you might also like to take a look at these other pages which can help you to stay up to date with developments as they unfold:

• http://eulawanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/
EU Law Analysis: a blog containing expert insight into EU law developments from Steve Peers and a variety of specialist contributors.

• http://europeanlawblog.eu/
European Law Blog: A global pool of contributors provide a range of analyses of and ideas on EU law, including Brexit-related topics. Use the main menu to navigate to the Brexit content.

• https://ukandeu.ac.uk/
UK in a Changing Europe: Based at King’s College London, this initiative aims to provide authoritative, impartial and accessible explanation and analysis about UK-EU relations.

• https://brexit.law/
Brexit Law: Run by Brick Court Chambers, Brexit Law has regular updates on more specialised areas of law affected by Brexit.

• http://www.ejiltalk.org/
EJIL: Talk!: The blog of the European Journal of International Law: not EU law specific, but contains good coverage of Brexit issues.

• https://publiclawforeveryone.com/
Public Law for Everyone: Not EU law focused, but great for supplementary reading and a UK focus: Mark Elliott looks at Brexit from a public law standpoint.

• https://ukconstitutionallaw.org/blog/
UK Constitutional Law Association blog: Again not EU law focused, but offers a wide range of voices on Brexit issues (amongst other constitutional law articles).

• http://blog.oup.com/?s=brexit
OUPblog: Features articles covering the legal, political, economic, and scientific implications of Brexit from expert authors in their respective fields.

• https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwhYDFEl4zV991Ei_drGLMA
The University of Liverpool YouTube Channel tracks legal developments, including those related to Brexit.

• http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/
The LSE Brexit Blog follows Brexit developments and provides a wealth of insightful articles.

• http://www.ucl.ac.uk/european-institute/brexit-hub
The UCL Brexit Hub features a range of media providing updates and insights on Brexit.