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Brexit & EU Law

Please note: this page is no longer being updated, as of February 2021. You can find useful links and expert analyses of Brexit’s legal implications below, helping you to see how Brexit fits into your study of EU law. More recent updates on legal developments around Brexit can be found on the sites included in our list of links.


Key Links

  • The UK Parliament approved the Withdrawal Agreement by enacting the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020, on the 23rd January 2020, which can be accessed at the
    link below.
  • The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, signed on 30th December 2020, can be found here.
  • The Institute for Government provides a helpful table breaking down the Withdrawal Agreement Act, and explaining how it differs from the October 2019 bill.

OUP Brexit Blog Posts

Study Resources

  • 'Human Rights in the UK After Brexit: An Overview' - Carole Lyons at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, summarises the impact of Brexit on human rights law in the UK, explaining the UK’s relationship with EU human rights Law and how this will change now that the UK is no longer a Member State. Get to grips with this important aspect of EU-UK legal relations and the future of UK law. (Submitted 21st June 2020.)
  • 'What you need to know about Brexit and your study of EU law' - Professor Tamara Hervey at the University of Sheffield, and a selection of her students, have created a resource which provides you with a summary of what you need to know about Brexit and your study of EU law. Emboldened words and phrases are defined in the glossary at the end of the resource. This version is updated with Brexit developments up to May 2020 (submitted 15th May 2020).
  • Follow the full history of the European Union from 1945 to 2021 with our complete timeline.

Explore further

• http://eulawanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/
EU Law Analysis: a blog containing expert insight into EU law developments from Steve Peers and a variety of specialist contributors.

• http://europeanlawblog.eu/
European Law Blog: A global pool of contributors provide a range of analyses of and ideas on EU law, including Brexit-related topics. Use the main menu to navigate to the Brexit content.

• https://ukandeu.ac.uk/
UK in a Changing Europe: Based at King’s College London, this initiative aims to provide authoritative, impartial and accessible explanation and analysis about UK-EU relations.

• https://brexit.law/
Brexit Law: Run by Brick Court Chambers, Brexit Law has regular updates on more specialised areas of law affected by Brexit.

• http://www.ejiltalk.org/
EJIL: Talk!: The blog of the European Journal of International Law: not EU law specific, but contains good coverage of Brexit issues.

• https://publiclawforeveryone.com/
Public Law for Everyone: Not EU law focused, but great for supplementary reading and a UK focus: Mark Elliott looks at Brexit from a public law standpoint.

• https://ukconstitutionallaw.org/blog/
UK Constitutional Law Association blog: Again not EU law focused, but offers a wide range of voices on Brexit issues (amongst other constitutional law articles).

• http://blog.oup.com/?s=brexit
OUPblog: Features articles covering the legal, political, economic, and scientific implications of Brexit from expert authors in their respective fields.

• http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/
The LSE Brexit Blog follows Brexit developments and provides a wealth of insightful articles.

• http://www.ucl.ac.uk/european-institute/brexit-hub
The UCL Brexit Hub features a range of media providing updates and insights on Brexit.