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  • Discovery

    Oxford University Press has a number of award-winning digital platforms hosting scholarly content. Law Trove gives students access to the breadth of publishing that has made OUP the UK’s number one provider of legal educational materials.

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  • Accessibility

    In line with the mission of Oxford University Press, the Higher Education team strives to deliver access to scholarship on the platforms and in the formats that best suit the needs of the end-user.

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  • Listening

    We love talking to students directly and through market research, hearing and understanding first-hand what it is they want from their educational experience and what they aspire to do with it.

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  • Enabling

    Our authors are passionate about passing on knowledge and enabling others to develop their learning. Are you inspired by the same objectives and want to find out how to become an OUP author?


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  • Focus

    Our structure means multi-functional teams of experts work specifically on undergraduate textbooks and resources – we focus the resulting in-depth product and market knowledge on exceeding the expectations of teacher and students.

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