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Oxford University Press is more than 500 years old and publishes academic journals, academic monographs, reference works, lexical resources, and trade books as well as a broad range of higher education materials; which is what you’ll discover on these pages.

We’re committed to providing our higher educational resources in the formats that best suit the latest teaching and learning methods. We work hard to establish lasting relationships, so we can deliver fitting content at the price that fits your institution’s requirements and your students’ expectations.

Working with leading authors across the world our resources are regularly updated, and many include enhanced functionality to offer a fully immersive experience and extra learning support.


  • Engaging

    Students are one of the best resources for keeping our publishing relevant and fit for purpose. We actively engage them in the publishing process weaving in their feedback to enhance and shape our products. 

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  • Advancing

    We work hard to develop and invest in digital products that will enable students to study more effectively, academics to teach more easily, and institutions to offer more support.

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  • Community

    Oxford University Press is part of the academic community. So we share the missions, values and objectives common to most higher education institutions; meaning our publishing priorities are in step with yours.

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  • Potential

    Oxford University Press employs people worldwide who are passionate about enabling others to reach their potential. We aim to enrich lives by spreading knowledge, enhancing understanding and inspiring a love of learning.

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  • support


    When you choose to use an Oxford resource rest assured that our service commitment means we’ll take care of the logistics - getting the resources into the hands of the students, on time.

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