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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods International 4e

Chapter 23: Web links

Ethical Market Research
The Market Research Society (MRS) is a particularly useful resource to explore how researchers within the field of social science are dealing with ethical research issues. The site also contains the specific guidelines developed by the MRS on how to conduct any kind of research:


Ethical Guidance and Social Research:
This is the link to a set of current ethical guidelines created and maintained by the Social Research Association (SRA):


Ethical Practice
Here you can find a link to the Statement of Ethical Practice provided by the British Sociological Association (BSA)


Code of ethics
This is a link to the American Sociological Association?s (otherwise known as the ASA) Code of Ethics document, which was approved by ASA Membership in spring of 1997:


Ethical principles
The American Psychological Association (APA) website is a great resource for serving up solutions to ethical dilemmas and information on current ethical issues:


Research Ethics framework
Searching for some guidance on ethics? We suggest you visit the The ESRC Research Ethics Framework page, which contains guidelines on ethics for research projects as well as relevant discussions that surround their development and usage. To find out more, visit:


The Missenden Code
The Missenden Code is another ethics-related framework which related to the challenges posed by the increased commercialization of research and the shifts in the sources of research funding. The code can be found here:


Department of Health Research
If you intend to conduct any research in a National Health Service organization, such as a hospital, or local authority social care organization it will fall within the reference terms of the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care issued by the Department of Health in 2005. The document can be located here:


NHS Related Research
This link takes you to the NHS National Research Ethics Service. Further information on the ethics of research in the NHS is documented here:



The RESPECT code is a European Union project looking at developing an ethical code for all researchers working in the socio-economic field. This site is useful because it contains not just the code but also information on how the code was developed.

Feminist ethical issues

This article looks at a specific ethical issue facing feminist researchers, namely how to reflect the views of non-feminist women. It is written by Dianne Millen.