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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods International 4e

Chapter 17: Web links

General guidelines

This guide is written by Carter McNamara and can be located through the Management Assistance Program for non-profit making organisations Web site. The guide contains a great deal of practical advice about how to conduct a qualitative interview.

Interviewing elites
www.uni-muenster.de/PeaCon/dgs-mills/mills-texte/The QualitativeInterview-InternationalBusinessResearch.htm

This is a fascinating article about the potential pitfalls of interviewing elites in organizations. This is an important issue for business researchers who often need to interview very senior managers as part of their research.

Association for Qualitative Research
According to the UK Association of Qualitative Market Research Practitioners, focus groups represent the most commonly used research method in market research, see the Association for Qualitative Research for more on this:


Conducting Focus Groups
This site written by Carter McNamara for the Management Assistance Program for non-profit making organisation's Web site contains useful information about conducting focus groups.

Tom Greenbaum articles
This link will take you to a series of articles written by Tom Greenbaum about focus groups. Tom Greenbaum is part of GroupsPlus, a commercial company which offers qualitative research services to other organisations.

Focus Group Guide
This is a useful bullet point guide about issues to consider when using focus groups as part of a research design. It has been prepared by Professor Ted Zorn from the Waikato Management School.

The theory of groupthink is something that any business researcher conducting focus groups should be aware of. This site provides more information about groupthink and it is part of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility Web site.