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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods International 4e

Chapter 14: Web links

Altamira Press
The Altamira Press publishes qualitative research with a view to encourage experimental and interdisciplinary writing. It is particularly useful if you are conducting any research on professional development, or general humanities and social science issues:


Evaluating Qualitative Research
Michael Quinn Patton is a leading qualitative evaluation researcher and he has published a very useful online set of criteria designed to be used as a checklist. You can access it at: http://www.wmich.edu/evalctr/archive_checklists/qec.pdf

Decision Explorer
Developed by Eden and other academics at the universities of Bath and Strathclyde, Decision Explorer is a software tool which can be used for a variety of academic and management consultancy projects. For more information on about the software and its potential applications, visit the web site at:


Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

This link provides information on the above journal. It is possible to explore the journal to identify interesting articles about how qualitative methods can be used in market research.

Qualitative Research
This site was originated by Judy Norris and contains a significant amount of information about qualitative research across a number of disciplines; including links to other sites, information about qualitative research conferences and books written on the subject.

The Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management (QRAM) Journal
This is another example of a business journal that is dedicated to the application of qualitative research in one specific field. It contains a number of interesting articles that aim to explore accounting and management from a qualitative perspective.