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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods International 4e

Chapter 11: Web links

British Media Online:
The majority of the main UK newspapers (and many overseas publications) are available in electronic format, either through their own websites or can be found through British Media online:


Computer-aided Analysis
There are a number of software programmes available to support computer-aided content analysis, some of which are free and can help you to draw out relationships and themes from your research. Examples include the General Inquirer, TextSTAT, Concordance and Wordstat. Visit the links below to find out more:


Workplace Ethnography Project
There is an excellent website in connection with the Workplace Ethnography Project, which can be found at:


The Content Analysis Guide

This site is linked to the book The Content Analysis Guidebook written by Kimberely A. Neuendorf. It contains a large amount of material relating to content analysis as well as links to other content analysis web sites.

Overview: Content Analysis

This is another example of a site which provides introductory information about content analysis. It is maintained by the Writing Centre at Colorado State University.

Intercoder Reliability

This site is dedicated to the issue of intercoder reliability and its relevance to content analysis. This is an important issue whenever a content analysis is undertaken and this site helps to guide the researcher through many of the key points that have to be taken into account.