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Bryman & Bell: Business Research Methods International 4e

Chapter 1: Multiple choice questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

Which two uses for the term 'empiricism' are correct?

Question 2

Deductive theory is the most common view of the relationship between what and what?

Question 3

"The deductive process is a very linear-one step follows the other in a clear, logical sequence." This statement is:

Question 4

How many types of reasoning in organizational research are there?

Question 5

What is abductive reasoning?

Question 6

What is positivism?

Question 7

Complete the statement with the correct verb. Interpretivism is a 'XXXX' epistemology to positivism.

Question 8

What does the term 'ontology' mean?

Question 9

Another term for the word constructionism is:

Question 10

A paradigm is: