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Oxford University Press - Online Resource Centres

Online Resource Centres

Terms and conditions of use

Oxford University Press (OUP) Online Resource Centres are designed for students and lecturers who are using the related textbook on their course.  Although they are free of charge, some resources are password-protected in order to restrict access only to those who are entitled to it (ie. lecturers who have adopted the textbook on their course, or students who have bought the textbook).

I. General
  1. OUP or its licensors own all intellectual property rights in the resources, but grant to the end user the non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the resources upon the terms and conditions of these terms and conditions
  2. All OUP Online Resource Centres are protected by copyright. It is strictly prohibited to make commercial use of OUP online resources, in whole or in part, without prior permission
  3. Upon termination of access to password-protected resources (see points II.6. and III.3. below for length of term for lecturers and students respectively), any materials that have been downloaded, printed, integrated into a Virtual Learning Environment or re-saved and retained elsewhere in any other way should be destroyed by the end user
  4. Save as provided below, the resources are provided "as-is" and OUP expressly excludes to the maximum extent permitted by law, all other representations, warranties, conditions or other terms, express or implied, including:
    1. (save where the end user is a consumer), the implied warranties of non-infringement, satisfactory quality, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose; and
    2. that the operation of the resources will be uninterrupted or free from errors.
  5. Where resources are protected by login details provided inside the book, these details are intended for sole use by the purchaser or borrower of that book.
II. Lecturers
  1. Lecturers must not distribute resources to students who are not studying on their course, or to other lecturers who have not adopted the related textbook
  2. Lecturers must not distribute their password to their students, or to other lecturers, or to anybody else
  3. Adopting lecturers who wish to make available password-protected resources to their students may do so at their discretion, provided these resources can be accessed only by bona-fide students studying on the lecturer's particular course, and provided this is done via a platform other than the OUP web site (ie. lecturers may not simply share their password with their students). For example, an adopting lecturer may post certain resources on his/her institution's Virtual Learning Environment, but may not post them on an open-access web site. Please see point I.3. above regarding destroying these resources at the end of the term of access
  4. Some resources are designed to be adapted by lecturers, if the lecturer wishes.  Any such adaptations must be used wholly in an educational context and are subject to the same terms and conditions as un-adapted resources. Nothing in this paragraph will prejudice OUP's rights to all the resources, whether adapted or otherwise
  5. Resources that bear the OUP copyright line, or that of OUP's duly licensed licensors, must not have this line removed. If lecturers wish to download video from an Online Resource Centre to a DVD for distribution to students, this is permissible provided a copyright notice is displayed on the disk and on the box and no excessive copies are made/distributed
  6. Adopting lecturers who register for access to password-protected resources will be given access for a period of one year. If they adopt the textbook the following year, they should request an extension to their access by clicking the "Renew subscription" button on their Profile page. As with all lecturer applications, access will only be granted if OUP is able to verify the adoption against its records
  7. Lecturers registered for access to a particular Online Resource Centre will be able to access both the lecturer and student resources on the site
III. Students
  1. Students who have registered an activation code to gain access to password-protected student resources must not distribute their password to anybody else
  2. Students must not distribute resources (whether these have been obtained through registering an activation code or have been provided at the discretion of their lecturer) to anybody else
  3. Students who have registered an activation code to gain access to password-protected student resources will have access for a fixed period. This is often one year, but full details will be given alongside the details of the activation code provided with the textbook
  4. Students may not access resources designed for lecturers (unless their lecturer has specifically made these available on a different platform ? but see point II.3. above for conditions)

Students or lecturers found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions above will have their access to OUP resources immediately terminated.

Helpdesk email: orc.help@oup.com