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Bryman: Social Research Methods: 5e

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  • Student resources

    • Multiple choice questions

      Available for each chapter supported by instant feedback and page references to the text

    • Student researcher's toolkit

      Practical advice and suggestions to help you design, carry out, and write up a social science research project

    • Audio guidance

      Short audio clips providing guidance on answering key questions in the book

    • Data sets

      Download the datasets used in Chapters 15 & 16 of the textbook

    • Flashcard glossary

      Helps you to memorize the key terms used in the book; viewable on iPhones and other portable devices

    • Using Excel in data analysis

      Containing helpful suggestions to enable you to improve your skills in analysing data

    • Student experience podcasts

      Learn from the real research experiences of students who have completed their own research projects

    • Web links

      Annotated links to useful social research methods sites

  • Lecturer resources

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    • VLE content

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    • PowerPoint slides

      Available to view and download for each chapter of the book

    • Test bank

      A ready-made electronic testing resource which can be customized to meet your teaching needs

    • Seminar outlines

      A series of seminar outlines, including learning objectives and suggested activities, arranged by chapter for use in your teaching

    • Exam or coursework-based questions

      A selection of exam or coursework based questions have been included for each chapter, with accompanying guidance

    • Figures and tables from the text

      For downloading into your lecture presentations and handouts