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Braisby & Gellatly: Cognitive Psychology 2e

Chapter 11


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Question 1

Which of the following is the most widely used normative model of risky choice?

Question 2

Which of the following is NOT an axiom of subjective expected utility (SEU) theory?

Question 3

The idea that the more prominent attribute would weigh more heavily in making a choice than in a matching task is known as…

Question 4

The 'representativeness' heuristic is used to:

Question 5

The idea that our reasons for choosing are more influential when we choose rather than reject and our reasons for rejecting are more influential when we reject rather than choose is called …

Question 6

The use of 'satisficing' methods for problem solving is implicated by which of the following theories?

Question 7

According to Bayes' theorem the odds of a hypothesis being correct in the light of new information is termed:

Question 8

Juslin (1994) claim that the overconfidence effect may be an artifact of the materials that are used. Why?

Question 9

Which psychologist shared the 2002 Nobel prize into economic science 'for having integrated insights concerning human judgment and decision making under uncertainty'? (Nobel citation, 2002)

Question 10

The idea that gains and losses are determined by the application of a reference point predicts