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Linsley, Kane, & Owen: Nursing for Public Health

Self-assessment questions

  • Chapter 1

    The context and direction of health care

  • Chapter 2

    Influences on health and the causes of ill health across the lifespan

  • Chapter 3

    Health promotion theory

  • Chapter 4

    The changing role of the nurse

  • Chapter 5

    Inter-professional practice and education in health and social care

  • Chapter 6

    The nurse-patient relationship

  • Chapter 7

    Accessing and using information in clinical practice

  • Chapter 8

    The importance of nursing to public health: the political and policy context

  • Chapter 9

    Health needs assessment: caring for the individual and the population

  • Chapter 10

    Planning interventions: meeting the needs of individuals and communities

  • Chapter 11

    Implementing interventions: delivering care to individuals and communities

  • Chapter 12

    Evaluating interventions: focusing on measuring impact at both the individual and community level

  • Chapter 13

    Smoking and smoking cessation

  • Chapter 14

    Tackling health inequalities

  • Chapter 15

    Tackling obesity

  • Chapter 16

    Improving sexual health

  • Chapter 17

    Mental health

  • Chapter 18

    Alcohol: reducing harm

  • Chapter 19

    Long-term conditions