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Oxford University Press - Online Resource Centres

Linsley, Kane, & Owen: Nursing for Public Health

Health promotion tools

The authors have selected the best websites which offer up-to-date practical advice for promoting good health. You will find general resources which you can use for almost any patient or client and also resources dedicated to specific issues covered by chapters in Section 5:

  • Smoking,
  • Obesity,
  • Mental health,
  • Sexual health,
  • Alcohol and substance misuse.

General advice

The Department of Health website, which has a dedicated public health banner filled with resources.
NHS Health Scotland has a number of good resources on public health initiatives.

NHS Choices. We particularly recommend the LiveWell section of the site as it’s easy to navigate and is regularly updated.

Association of Public Health Observatories. This has links to regional information and different aspects of health promotion.

Self-help.org  provides general help and support on a number of health issues.

A central resource which covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This resource covers Scotland.

Action on Smoking and Health is another site that can help smokers to think about the big picture of smoking.  The Stopping Smoking section has helpful advice for patients and health professionals: http://www.ash.org.uk/

Other resources include:


Change4life emphasises that the prevention of obesity is better than cure and tackles the problem in childhood.

National obesity forum
Of particular interest to our readers might be the healthcare professional’s banner containing information on how obesity might be managed within the primary care setting.

The NHS choices site has a section on eating well and maintaining a healthy weight with lots of practical support and tips:

Mental health

One of the best sites for mental health, this is easy to navigate, reflects current thinking and has lots of downloadable podcasts to listen to.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have a very good resource section on general mental health illness and conditions.

The NHS choices site has a section on mental health which is full of advice as well as practical support and tips.

Sexual health

The NHS choices site has a section on sexual health which is full of advice as well as practical support and tips.

Alcohol and substance misuse

Adfam is a national support group originally aimed at helping families supporting someone with an addiction, however it as expanded over the years and includes advice for health care professionals and their resource section is good. This is a site that the English, Welsh and Scottish health departments all support and encourage people to access.

The talk to FRANK campaign and website is an excellent resource of long standing. Aimed at young people it appeals to students who have had experience of it already through schools and colleges of further education:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists website is a good resource with plenty of information and leaflets.

The NHS choices site has a section on alcohol which is full of advice as well as practical support and tips.