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Todd & Wilson's Textbook on Trusts & Equity 12e

Answer guidance to revision box summaries

Click the links below to access answer guidance for the revision questions at the end of each chapter. To view guidance for all chapters as a single document, click here.

  • Chapter 1 (PDF, Size: 143KB)
    • Law and equity and an introduction to the trust
  • Chapter 2 (PDF, Size: 129KB)
    • The nature of the trust: its operation and applications in society and the economy
  • Chapter 3 (PDF, Size: 147KB)
    • The three certainties and the significance of the ?beneficiary principle?
  • Chapter 4 (PDF, Size: 137KB)
    • Formality and the creation of valid trusts
  • Chapter 5 (PDF, Size: 125KB)
    • The constitution requirement for a valid trust
  • Chapter 6 (PDF, Size: 136KB)
    • Introduction to resulting and constructive trusts
  • Chapter 7 (PDF, Size: 138KB)
    • Resulting trusts, gifts to non-charitable unincorporated associations, and pension funds
  • Chapter 8 (PDF, Size: 123KB)
    • Beneficial interests in the family home: a case study
  • Chapter 9 (PDF, Size: 121KB)
    • Secret and half-secret trusts (and constructive and resulting trusts)
  • Chapter 10 (PDF, Size: 127KB)
    • Introduction to charity and charity law
  • Chapter 11 (PDF, Size: 116KB)
    • The legal definition of ?charity?
  • Chapter 12 (PDF, Size: 129KB)
    • Cy-pr?s
  • Chapter 13 (PDF, Size: 66KB)
    • Introduction to trusteeship and an overview of the ?office of trustee?
  • Chapter 14 (PDF, Size: 140KB)
    • Powers, discretions, and duties of trustees
  • Chapter 15 (PDF, Size: 125KB)
    • Variation of trusts
  • Chapter 16 (PDF, Size: 82KB)
    • Breach of trust
  • Chapter 17 (PDF, Size: 139KB)
    • Remedies associated with missing trust property: actions in equity & the basis for liability
  • Chapter 18 (PDF, Size: 146KB)
    • Trusts arising in commercial dealings