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Slorach et al: Legal Systems and Skills 3e

Chapter 8: Self-test questions


Answer the following questions and then press 'Submit' to get your score.

Question 1

Which option most accurately summarises the correct chronological order of aspects of a good legal research strategy?

Question 2

Which one of the following is not a secondary source of law?

Question 3

Which of the following research sources would a lawyer be able to cite and rely on in court?

Question 4

Which option below best summarises the potential updating problems with legislation?

Question 5

Which option below best summarises the reason you should keep a contemporaneous record of your research?

Question 6

A research report methodology should include every step of 'what you did in the library', even the parts which found law which turned out to be irrelevant.

Question 7

Which option best reflects the references you should include in your methodology when you have used a paper version of Halsbury's Laws?

Question 8

The conclusion in your research report should always feature at the end.

Question 9

During research, you should read a secondary source before the primary source, but in your research report you should refer to the primary sources first, in the body of your report, and the secondary sources later, in your methodology. True or false?