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Law Trove pre-course reading

  • Resources

    • Lectures

      Watch a clip of a typical law lecture

    • Case breakdown

      A real reported case broken down into its key elements giving you tips on what to consider when reading cases

    • Multiple Choice Questions

      A bank of self-marking multiple choice questions with feedback to reinforce your understanding on the administrative justice system.

    • Video - The Crown Court

      A video useful for furthering your knowledge of the English legal system

    • Did you know...?

      Fascinating facts taken from Rivlin's First Steps in the Law.

    • Law myths

      Martin Partington debunks myths about the legal profession generated by the media.

    • Student resources

      A collection of resources for students

    • Diagnostic test - English legal system

      Answer a selection of questions on the English legal system to see which topics you know best and help plan your revision