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Du Plessis: Borkowski's Textbook on Roman Law 5e

  • Resources

    • Multiple choice questions

      Self-test multiple choice questions covering each chapter of the textbook

    • Timeline

      A comprehensive timeline supplementing the list of dates in the book

    • Biographies

      Short biographies of key figures

    • Glossary

      A glossary of Latin terms used in the book

    • Web links

      Annotated web links to sources of further information on Roman law

    • Revision sheets

      Available for every chapter to aid exam preparation

    • Latin texts

      Original Latin versions of the texts cited in translation

    • Textual analysis

      Guidance on textual analysis to help with interpreting the texts

    • Finding the literature

      Guidance on finding Roman law texts and associated literature

    • Essay questions

      A selection of sample essay questions to help with exam preparation

    • Teacher notes

      Suggestions for augmenting the textbook through the use of other sources and materials