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Samanta & Samanta: Medical Law Concentrate 2e

Chapter 8: Key facts checklists

  • A mental disorder is any disorder or disability of the mind.
  • Mental health law deals with the civil aspects of detention and treatment of those with a mental health disorder.
  • Compulsory admission and compulsory treatment may be used if patients pose threats to themselves, to others, or if this is the only way to ensure that they receive treatment.
  • Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects rights to liberty and challenges to compulsory admission.
  • An ‘informal’ patient is a person with a mental health disorder who does not resist hospital admission for treatment. Most patients with mental health disorders are treated as informal patients.
  • The Mental Health Act 2007 has amended the Mental Health Act 1983.
  • The Code of Practice (2015) provides guidance on the interpretation of the Mental Health Act 1983.