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Cunningham-Hill & Elder: Civil Litigation 2018-2019

Correction notice: In Chapter 9 of the book the fast track financial limit for standard cases is incorrectly stated to be ?15,000. This should be ?10,000. The financial limit for fast track claims is due to change but had not done so by the time of publication, as had been expected. We do not now know when the change may be made. We apologise for this error, which occurs on pages 57, 134, 136, 145 and 146 (five instances in total). The financial limits for other claims detailed in section remain valid.


Please also note that the dates in the flowchart in figures 15.3 and 15.4 should be amended. The 21 September should be the 28 September and the 22 September should be the 29 September, in alignment with the textbook narrative.

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  • Student resources

    • Web links

      Direct links to some useful websites relating to civil litigation

    • Answers to self-test questions

      Answers to the self-test questions that appear in the book at the end of chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 13, 20 and the online chapter 'A Practical Guide to Court Hearings'.

    • Updates

      Updates to cases and legislation since book publication

    • Additional chapters

      Four additional chapters on injunctions, court hearings, instructions to counsel and enforcement of judgments

    • Podcasts

      Recorded by the authors, these audio files will accompany and supplement your understanding of topics in Chapters 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 19.

    • Case study documentation

      Documentation in support of the two fictional case studies in the book

    • Annotated forms

      Key forms from the litigation process, with useful annotations to help you understand how they should be completed correctly

    • Video clips

      Three video scenarios to accompany the two fictional case studies featured in the book

    • Case study materials

      Documentation in support of the two fictional case studies in the book

    • Court forms

      A selection of template Court Forms you are likely to encounter in practice, as referenced in the manual. 

    • Professional conduct

      Professional Conduct points relevant to the topics raised in each chapter.  

    • Litigation train

      An interactive timeline to help students put the litigation process in context

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      A fully-customizable resource containing ready-made questions with which to test your students